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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Well it's my 30th on Christmas eve, and normal christmas. I mostly want this for one present. http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/star-wars-cuddly-toys/index.html The chewie one. He's sooo cute! :D I wish they made a Boba fett one though too as he's my favourite Star Wars Character. I think I will...
  2. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    MOD EDIT Hello Please take out a banner ad or become a member sponsor before trading on VZi. Member Sponsorship here: http://www.volkszone.co.uk/VZi/payments.php As per the box up top of the Classified Forums. If not we get complaints from those who DO put in the pot. Thank you VZi Admin.
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Last year we had a virtual secret santa. you listed your name to show interest, then after a certain date someone scrambled the names and PM'd them to their secret santas. You then had to post your virtual gift on another thread. Are we going to have a go this year? :elvis:
1-3 of 3 Results