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    Been tinkering with these the last few weeks.. I started out with an Apple,just because it was to hand and using my trusty Dental Tools started to carve a Face. Then i Vacuum formed a Mould.. I then fine tuned my Carving then re made moulds and poured these up in Plaster of Paris...
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    I know there was another thread like this but I couldn't find it! We made these this afternoon.... I particularly like Jack, for one reason..... The angel could have been better tho.
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    Its Halloween (pretty much) Mrs 02 has carved one out in readiness for the kiddies coming around this week :) Go on then - what's yours looking like ?? :)
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    Our first few... The first two are my kids ones and are pokemon, the one on the left is a ghost pokemon... the ghost was done by my wife. I still haven't done mine.
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    seems daft... we buy a dozen or so pumpkins and chuck all the seeds and flesh away meanwhile I buy pumpkin seeds have looked online and not keen on the recipes for preparing them anyone know how the ones you buy in health food shops are done? all the yank recipes involve salt and butter
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    ..will be staying at mothers over halloween and the 'ooh arent i amazing' brother in law will be doing the usual amazing pumpkin creation. i wanna give him a run for his money this year. anyone got any tips, websites, stencils? pix of your pumpkin carvings would be cool to see too... beyond...
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    is anybody else looking forward to it as much as me? was a great show last year and hopefully will be the same this year. me and the shmoo will be rocking up when the gates open at 2! weve got our fancy dress idea sorted for the friday night :D roll on a weekend of fun and laughter!!!! :D
1-8 of 8 Results