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rear quarter
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  1. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi folks i'm after the back end of a 60's bug, working on undoing a Baja conversion and basically need from the firewall / luggage shelf back... anyone cutting up a 60's bug? would also like to hear if you're getting rid of a complete shell or rolling project... or even individual panels (pref...
  2. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Does anyone have a Inner arch, body mount area cut from a pre '67 Bug? (For a '66 Bug) Needs to be solid, with no previous repairs. Preferably to have some of the surrounding area of inner arch as well. I need both left and right hand sides. Thanks.
  3. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Has any1 got some cab doors for my 1979 Bay? Repairs panels for either siding doors would also be nice, as would an offside rear quarter :)
1-3 of 3 Results