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  1. Readers Rides
    Hi All, We have belatedly set an instagram account documenting the restoration of our 1973 1303s beetle. If anyone is interested please go and follow @thebohobug. https://www.instagram.com/thebohobug/ We bought Rico back in 2008, and spent the following 18 months getting him on the road...
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    Here is my T25 for sale. Used by me and the kids to go on holiday, to the coast, days out that sort of thing. Its a very versatile van and had leisure battery, electric hook up, sink, rock and roll bed, storage cupboards, new curtains, elevating roof with skylight, immobiliser, 1.9 replacement...
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    Hi all, a friend of mine told me about this bus which had been sat on a driveway for over six years. I managed to do a deal with the owner and began the process of bringing it back to life. I have now been through all the brakes and all the electrics and done a few other things and have now got...
  4. Readers Rides
    Evening all! It's been a while since I'v been around these parts, let alone posted anything! But now comes the time for something new. So first, a bit of history! Some of you may remember my Bug from a few years back... it was a 75' 1300 Beetle when I first got it at the age of 17 back in...
  5. Readers Rides
    Introducing my 71 1200, 'Squash' The story: Manufactured in 1971, the 1200 bug went to its first owner somewhere near Manchester. The bug enjoyed 8 happy years cruising around town, clocking 55,000 miles until one day in '79...crash! The bug then sat in a garage feeling sorry for its self...
  6. Chat/Discussion
    WARNING: The following tale of shysters is true. And by true, I mean false. It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies, and in the end, isn't that the real truth? The answer...is no. So, I had my Bug trailered back from the mechanics from a Guy (he was literally called Guy). Very nice chap...
  7. Readers Rides
  8. Readers Rides
    Car is now Mid resto, skip to page 6 for the start of that :) Picked it up from Derby a few months back Drove it back at 55 the whole way... took 8/9 hours! only broke down a dew times ;) Its running a slamwerks 6" narrowed front beam and notched springplates sitting 1 spline down at the...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Right, well please excuse my ignorance etc. as i am a newbie, lol... basically I want to get my first beetle soon and i have some questions. ( by some, I really mean a million ;) ) I want to get a 63 bug ideally, 1st I was wandering if It would be cheaper to buy a bug thats in one piece or buy...
  10. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Anyone got one or two or a box full? Thanks Martin
  11. Readers Rides
    After loads of false starts I am finally getting this resto underway. The bug in question is a sept 67 produced 1500 bug that as far as I can tell is totally in original condition, without any custom work or changes. It does have a lot of the one year only or crossover model bits, and a few...
  12. Readers Rides
    Hey all. This is my 1972 bug. Ill have to sort out some photos of her now as shes in the process of being restored. So whilst i mess about with photos here's a couple of the beasty. Ive had her as my daily for 7 years and modified her from a bone sotck car to what you see. Enjoy :elvis: From...
  13. VZi Yellow Pages
    We are a Bristol based classic restoration company. With over 20 years experience of welding, restoration and Volkswagen ownership. For our latest work please go to the last page or visit or Facebook page. Www.blastingdiepast.com Www.facebook.com/blastingdiepast
  14. Readers Rides
    Well this is my resto/custom thread for my bug i have bought. My plans are basic atm, getting her running sweet and back on the road, then the fun will begin. (pics to follow tonight) :mental:
  15. Vehicles For Sale
    Hi THE IDEAL WINTER RESTO I have a 1972 tax exempt 1200 with sloppies, was stripped over summer to resto but I have run out of space (got no chuffin garage). Currently SORN was running and on the road prior to stripdown. ALL the parts shown are included, there alot of new panels etc. I have...
  16. Chat/Discussion
    And you think some Dub Restos are Major!... Have a looksee at this, the level of detail is amazing! http://www.bttf3delorean.com/Home.html
  17. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hey guys just got my first beetle needs a lot of work and I’m not the best welder! Could anyone help me with the welding or the details to a welder in my area? I live in Horley Surrey Thanks in advance Regards Darren
  18. Readers Rides
    This was my first car back in 2003, and I took it off the road due to not having enough money to get the required welding done to be put through MOT. So having put the beetle into the garage with the intention of one day restoring it, I have now started the resto project. Over the last few years...
  19. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    hi all, my dads after some panels for his 77 bay, i was wondering what tends to be best quality, fit e.t.c? also was wondering whether to buy new from schofields e.t.c or source solid panels from vw breakers? cheers.
  20. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I have ambitious plans of getting my Beetle roadworthy in under 2 weeks ... here is whats happening so far! I have 2 weeks off and fancied a challenge. The pictures are here of what I've found so far if you'd like a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ Found a lot of rust, the...
1-20 of 33 Results