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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Im taking down a chimney monday, scaffolding sent up yesterday and now het next door neighbour cant get sky and is moaning,what would you day or do,its a 2 day job turn its gone ,im lost for anything sensible to say :lol:
  2. Chat/Discussion
    We've got some PROPER snow coming down here now. :eek: So much so, that I've just had to get up a ladder and clear my satellite dish - FA Youth Cup is on in a bit and I had no signal. ;) We already had couple of feet of snow on the ground . . . now this new lot. :lol: I'm fed up of it now. :(
  3. Chat/Discussion
    There we were driving happily along the motorway from Cambridge to Southampton in Emma's bug. As you do, we (esp her) were waving at other dubs we saw on the road. This will all going well until................it pains me to say this..................she waved at one of...
1-3 of 3 Results