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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Well I officially visited La La land today! Drove past the local car lot (is that what they are called?) and there sat a beautiful red Classic Karmann Ghia, soft top too. It may need a few things doing to it to make it spanking, but overall a beauty. :) Me and Col pulled over to get a better...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    I have just read the vanfest prices this year and for a family weekend of camping for two (not with entertainment!!!!) to see lots of other peoples buses (who have paid greedy vanfest ) and lots of traders (who have paid greedy vanfest ) only till 6 . IT IS 90 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You now...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    never really been in touch with what splits are fetching, but was a little taken back with the price of this one... http://www.thesamba.com/vw/classifieds/detail.php?id=1107518 Is that what they are worth these days as it does seem a lot of cash for straight rust free bus.
  4. Chat/Discussion
    :mad: is not the word!!!!! bought this after many lengthy conversations about what was required as was long way to go to look !!!! http://www.volkszone.co.uk/VZi/showthread.php?t=705906 I have had 22 beetles, 1 split, 2 bays, 411, 412, type 3 fasty, square and a ghia and never have i seen...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    I have just been looking at the prices of bay windows, I saw one site had a nice low milage LHD us import for 28k. I was then thinking is an old bus going to be worth more than a brand new bus. ok so I know you get free tax, a bit better bus and you know german build quality, but surely a NEW...
  6. Cool Thread Archive
    otherwise....? DISCUSS. With all the cool surf and fashion labels and TV shows plastering Campervans accross their media and the influx of Mr middle-class previously outside of the 'old school dub network' bringing his (her) cash to the shows and 'buying themselves a little bit of cool' at...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Just wondered what Clichés people associated with VWs? Like, the whole 'No Worries' thing that is associated with the VW 'lifestyle' (among many other things), and is even on some old aftermarket Beetle bonnet logos. :D
  8. Chat/Discussion
    Might have one in the pipeline, but just wondering how rare they are. I've been advised by the powers that be that they are indeed rare, but I was just wondering how rare? ('56 for the record) Does anyone know how many are in the UK - roughly, compared to LHD's? Just curious, as I might be...
1-9 of 9 Results