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    Hi guys I have been looking at these ( the early mk1 models) with the idea of converting one into a camper van as they are pretty dam big inside,Im just wondering if anybody out there has done anything similar, i have had a Google and really found very very little about anybody even...
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    As the title says really... I think that when the time comes, later this year, I'll be looking to replace the trusty(!) 'Goo with one of these... They do everything I need, fit the bill nicely. Been idly looking on Autotrader this afternoon at ones for sale, if I aim for a budget of about £1500...
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    GTI Spring Festival Santa Pod Raceway Sunday 11th April 2010 01279 72 52 52 Website Well - it's called the 'GTI Spring Festival', but the first major event of the water cooled VW season is actually aimed at every current and past model in the VAG group range. From Sciroccos and Golfs and...
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    Anyone had experience of both? Next family car is going to be a seven seater. Sharan would be my choice. But Tourans are coming down in price and I know my wife would be happier with the size of the Touran. Just wondering what Tourans were like for getting bikes in etc? Obviously I mean when...
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    Liking that a LOT. Bentley rims look superHard :D That's done NOTHING to ease the impure thoughts I've been having about a Sharan lately :lol:
1-6 of 6 Results