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  1. Vehicles For Sale
    In addition to the air ride chassis I have for sale here: http://www.volkszone.com/VZi/showthread.php?t=1440897 . I have a 1964 shell which was going to be mounted to it. I would like to sell them both together, but I'm happy to split them as well. I originally intended to sand the shell down...
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    ---------------------------------------------SOLD!!--------------------------------------------------------- Hi, up for sale is my '67 1200 beetle shell. I'm selling the shell as I'm doing a full resto and I've bought a mostly original '66 shell that I can carefully restore to a high standard...
  3. Vehicles Wanted
    im after a dead mk1 golf shell to start a new project,, the more cheaper the better, can be as rotten as you like, i will consider anything, has to be a 3 door, gti preffered also but will consider anything, thanks
  4. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Want 58 beetle shell although I don't think it changes much up to 64 so show me what you've got. :) Ideally rust free but I'll consider any. Email me pics: [email protected]
  5. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I just started working on my '72 1200 bug yesterday and have found it to be a lot worse than i originally thought, so, does anyone have a body that for a 1972, 1200 beetle? Don't mind a bit of rot, not interested if major work is needed. Preferably in the Northwest but can travel. :elvis:
  6. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Clearing some space in the garage, so looking to move on our Beach Buggy shell. Bought with my Dad and a mate as the start of a drag buggy, and realistically we're never going to build it so it may as well move on and get used. It's an East Coast Manx in bright red, never fitted, no holes...
  7. Vehicles For Sale
    hi im selling a beetle shell 1970 1300 the car comes with windows, doors, wings, bonnet, original door cards, metal strip trim. the car is solid, could be used for spares or repairs or project if you would like pictures please email me at [email protected] its in preston, lancashire £150
  8. Items For Sale - AUTO
    For sale £1,400.00 Stunning red metalflake Sidewinder shell with bonnet Metalflake side pods Metalflake seats Metalflake pulley guard & bracket Metalflake rear light housings and lights Seat covers with red piping Rear seat with red piping Battery box and battery Speedo, wiper motor, switches...
  9. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Has anyone built a trailer from a rolling shell of a bus? My wife and I need a trailer to haul stuff. We know of a rolling shell that we can get. How much does a rolling shell weigh? Is it even practical to use as-is? That is, can a towing hitch be rigged to the front end to pull the front...
  10. Items For Sale - AUTO
    hi guys and girls you may have already seen this for sale on here but times are hard so i really need to get rid of it. so for sale i have a 1970 right hand drive beetle body shell in need of some restoration ie new heater channels and lower front wheel arch both sides (replacement panel...
  11. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Basically, had this for a few years, floorpans and heater channel got rusty, i took it off the road, and don't have the funds to do anything with it. I have been breaking it and sold bits and pieces off it, main chassis there and body shell is there. Maybe used for a kit car? My dad wants his...
  12. Vehicles Wanted
    hello im looking for beetle body shell, one that does not need alot of welding. can collect. Darren
  13. Vehicles For Sale
    Hi, as a few maybe aware I am currently rebuilding my buggy, but have changed direction a few times and alot of the bits I have been collecting are surplus so up for sale.... Firstly..... 1964 SWB rolling Chassis with new unfitted manta ray body (mk2?) and tax exempt V5. The shell needs a...
  14. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Ive got a 70's shell in full resto at the moment but its gonna take a while to complete. The floorpan is ready and im looking for a sell that only needs minor attention so i can use the bug while im finishing the body. Anything considered cheers
1-14 of 14 Results