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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Sliding Door Hinge Nearside VW T2 Bay 1967-1979 Used with no play. For lefthand sliding door normally fitted to Right Hand Drive Bus £130 posted.
    £130 GBP
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    I have a pair of track/sliding door covers for a LHD Early Bay, externally both in decent enough condition, the backs have some rust as is to be expected, and the sliding door side one has had a small repair carried out at some point in the past (see pics) SOLD!
  3. Items Wanted - AUTO
    ive got a 1979 twin slider bay, and need a replacement left hand side sliding door. thankyou
  4. Items For Sale - AUTO
    This is off a LHD VW Early bay Westafalia Camper van (a 1969/1970) Cargo/Sliding door. It's a pretty straight and solid door, two small holes at the bottom of the window opening; small hole at bottom of the window lip/top of the swage line area (45mm x 25mm approx), plus one other tiny hole...
  5. Items Wanted - AUTO
    hi all, When i opened my sliding door the other day it jammed up and the piece that latches the door open came off along with some of the housing so therefore i need a complete sliding door hinge assay. If you have one the cash is waiting:D
  6. Items For Sale - AUTO
    as title says- late bay sliding door for sale, needs extenisve repair. from the pics you can see tht the bottom is rotten. the outerskin cud do with replacing, inner is ok, however the top half of the window sill is perfect so cud be used as a doner door for another rhd which needs a top...
  7. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I ergently need of a rhd sliding door for my 74 bay. i have all glass and mechanisms so just a basic door is fine. preferably im looking for a door which doesnt need a repair but depending on the extent of repair required i could get this done! cheers
  8. Items Wanted - AUTO
    as title says. needs to be in good condition, i.e no/minimal welding required.. surface rust or slight imperfections are fine. i have glass and mechanisms so basic door is fine. if any one could help me out i wud gratefully appreciate it! been looking for a new door for over 3 months now :( no...
  9. Items Wanted - AUTO
    as title says. i have glass and door locking mechanisms so just needing a left door for a 74 bay. need a door which is needing non or very little work as i dnt have the money or time to do so.!! cheers :)
  10. Items Wanted - AUTO
    hi i am looking for a sliding door for the Left side of my 74 bay! the van is a right hand drive but i have a twin slider! im looking for a door with glass and in no need for repairs ( except minor patches etc), im based in nottingham so if its too far to travel i will arrange a courior service...
  11. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Does your sliding door drop when you open it? If so, then the likely hood is that the bushes in the mechanism is worn. At the moment, the only option as far as I can see is to replace the mechanism - £250 for LHD & £400 for RHD . VW has never made these bushes ar a replacement, so I am having...
1-11 of 11 Results