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    .............on facebook.......... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151636286833465.1073741826.742763464&type=1
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    all on facebook :) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151611380373465.1073741825.742763464&type=1
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    Never seen one in the metal before, I do believe there was one at Stanford hall a couple of years ago, this would be :cool: to drive in this weather :)...
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    How's the official drought effecting life where you are? Here in the West Midlands, as Sod's Law would have it, since they declared that this area is officially in drought, it hasn't stopped lashing it down with rain, hail and LOTS more rain. In fact, as I look out of the window right now...
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    Snow in south lincolnshire..probably not enough to stop me getting to work though. But will sink the chihuahua on our walk.
  6. Chat/Discussion
    Thank fuck I got home earlier today . . . coming down like a bastard here right now! :eek: Apologies for the shit quality pic - iPhone, dark, etc. etc. :D
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    This is the forecast for my area: whitechristmas by Artist of Southsea, on Flickr Should I put a fiver on? :lol:
  8. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Hello, I have for sale a brand new with tags mens Canada Goose Expedition parka. Canada Goose are the warmest cold weather parka's you can get, they are withoutdout the dogs gonnads, you will not get cold in a CG, they are designed for scientest and polar exploers lol. I have one for sale...
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    I am, not for the financial win! None of the roads here were gritted and after 20 minutes i gave up. Wonder what films are on today?
  10. Chat/Discussion
    This did make me giggle. :D
  11. Chat/Discussion
    I went out in the dark to take a couple of snaps.
  12. Chat/Discussion
    Any Essex VZi'ers online? What's the weather doing there guys? Snowing I guess :( Sticking?
  13. Chat/Discussion
    I just looked out the window and it's snowing in the Mythical County of Middlesex! Glad I didn't go out to the pub now... :D
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    shit loads here,been coming down for the last hour or so and the roads covered.might have to come down of the roof soon its gettin a bit slipperly.never gonna get me slates finished
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    Everyone is saying who has snow, but We've only have a little and that was last monday.. And just want abit more.... I'm in Ipswich, Sunny Suffolk.
  16. Chat/Discussion
    Do you put them on all four corners or just the driven wheels? I've been fine taking it steady so far, just thought about being more prepared for next year.
  17. Chat/Discussion
    I went up to achnasheen the weekend and went out in the argo to pick up some deer from the hills with the wifes dad the deer did not like it :lol: i did not shoot them some rich kids did sorry if you dont like the last one but its very nice when you eat fresh venison
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    In line with the other 2 threads, with fresh snow forecast to come over from Eire to Wales then the Midlands and North today lets post on here when it hits so we can track it across the country :)
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    Good friend of mine arrested for this: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=48697243327&h=tKnQZ&u=36jW4 Do they have no real criminals to catch?? What a bunch of utter fuckwits!
  20. Chat/Discussion
    For fucks sake :rolleyes: Watching the news... -silly old buggers tottering to the shops -panic buying in the shops -emergency delivery of Jam roly poly to elderley -old gimmers complaining they cant go out -silly bastard walks his son 5 miles to school - (miss a day for fucks sake you stupid...
1-20 of 23 Results