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  2. Chat/Discussion
    I was called to coachbuilders Coleman Milne (they make limos and hearses) in Bolton today to carry out a lighting survey. In the fibreglass moulding section, near the brew stuff was a small print out blurb and photo about seventies rock band Spider The first thing that I noticed was...
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    I was sat up in bed reading, my wife was just dropping off to sleep next to me, her face looked relaxed as she faced me..... I continued to read..then something caught my eye, as I looked up a spider was lowering himself from the sealing. it looked just like something from black hawk down I...
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    I have just found a spider wandering round in a cupboard but it doesn't look like your average household spider, anyone give me any clues?
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    Hey guys, As a huge type 3 fan from South Africa, I found some pics of this car and was just wondering who owns it and what's the story behind the car :lol: Does anyone have any other pictures for me? I'd prefer as many as I could get. That's how this fasty blows me away :eek:
1-5 of 5 Results