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  1. Vehicles Wanted
    If U have one , or know somebody who has one for sale please pm tx
  2. Vehicles For Sale
    - update Now breaking this van! Hi I bought this originally as a project, but other projects has really put me in a position to break it now and this will take too long to fix up. So this van, Its a rare configuration transporter, being a LWB twin slider. It has a 2.4d engine which has...
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    3door Golf Gti 20v Turbo 150bhp in Reflex silver. I have recently replaced both suspension top mounts and also both rear axle bushes. The boost control valve (N75 valve) was playing so that has been swapped too. The car has been lowered on brand new 35mm springs. I have the original springs and...
  4. Vehicles Wanted
    Hi All, Just wondered if anyone has a syncro camper for sale, either hightop or poptop (prefer poptop) Or if not a full camper, something with potential. Rather diesel, but will consider petrol for right one. Cash waiting for the right van. Cheers
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Try our 4x4 show! http://www.abingdon4x4festival.com/ Every penny possible goes to charity! We are on a new site this year and in the process of building the new track, one word... sand ;) There will be camping, food, off roading, displays and traders there so make a day or weekend of it :D
  6. Chat/Discussion
    Having recently had my own van stolen I am saddened to report yet another Syncro has been unlawfully taken. Some of you may recognise the van from recent adverts on here. This Syncro was owned by Sandy, who after spending 4 years rebuilding and modifying it decided he hadn't got time to finish...
  7. Vehicles For Sale
    For sale to entusiast is this very good example Passat Syncro / V6 4 motion beast, 2 owner, VAG history with lots of bills and MOT's. 2 Twin RS Stainless pipes, K and N filter super smooth and poweful. Top of range with heated black leather, A/C Kenwood Stereo with remonte and parrott / I-pone...
  8. Vehicles Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking to buy my first camper and have my eye on getting a T25. Main concerns are foremost the body work must be in good shape, and a sound engine with nothing major wrong. I'm not too bothered whether it has a conversion on it already or not as I'll be making my own interior anyway...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    I (my Dad) recently bought Colin Peabody the T25 Syncro. As with all projects, it's all a bit bogged down waiting for people to fit him in for work to be done. Dad is getting very despondant (sp?) One of the jobs on the list is a total respray, but Colin is the proud possessor of a beautiful...
  10. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Got myself a new Syncro project so many of the part I had put aside will be no longer required. Check out the turbo diesel/Westfalia/Syncro bits I have surplus. I'll be at Dubfreeze so most parts can be collected there. GENERAL 1.6TD engine mounting bars £40 1.6TD radiator £40 Lower grille £10...
  11. Chat/Discussion
    I WANT one of these!.... (no more getting stuck in fields!) Or these variants... gimmie gimmie gimmie!! :D
  12. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Swedish canvas tilts, Galvanised frame work, canvas needs a good wash but is in good order. Very small tear, Needs a few rubber toggles replacing. £350 VW Evolution 3 Head Quarters Road West Wilts trading Estate Westbury Wiltshire BA13 4JR 01373 822300
  13. Vehicles For Sale
    Unique Syncro Crewcab with custom mods £4000 ono Basically a change of circumstances (and a Westfalia) means the crewcab is not being used. So, to the Doka...... The Doka is a 2wd-4wd conversion carried out by Mike Ghia many moons ago. I've owned it for over 4 years now and it's...
  14. Vehicles For Sale
    I bought this as it was just too cool to pass up. I love Syncro's & this is my 3rd one & by far the best. It was first registered new on 26/06/1986 with its 1915cc DG petrol engine. It is a factory RHD windowed van with twin sliding doors. It has always been a UK car. It has now done 99k miles...
  15. Chat/Discussion
    I've been hunting around for photos of *that* prototype, but I'm bu99ered if I can find any. Anyone know where any are, please? Thanks in anticipation of someone tipping up with one or two.
  16. Vehicles For Sale
    Thanks for looking at my car. Sadly the time has come to part with my Rallye that I have owned since 2nd August 2004, before which it had only 2 UK owners since it was imported on the 1st August 2003 (The previous being a photographer for Audi Driver Magazine and the Primary the Importer). The...
  17. Chat/Discussion
    Looking into getting a T25 just want some ideas for what i can do with it, inside and out! the one im looking at the mo is just empty so loads of room to play with PICTURES PLEASE!:D
  18. Vehicles For Sale
    After keeping my wife waiting for 8 years for me to build "her" car, she's had it on the road about 6 months, and now is really really gutted that it's gonna have to be sold, but needs must, she absofuckinglutely adores this car and wishes she could sell me instead. :eek: The squareback is a...
1-18 of 18 Results