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    Just a little bits n bobs video we done for fun! ;)
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    As promised, here's a slightly blurry pic of my zombified traditional gypsy tattoo. It was only done yesterday so is still scabby and covered in Bepanthen!
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    Ive been tempted for a long time to get one but due to the fact I get bored easily & crave change I've not done the deed. Give it a year or so & I'd want something different. Am pierced, but I can take those out if I want. How about you out there that have got tattoo's; do you regret it?
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    Afternoon all. At long last I've decided on the position and size of one of the tattoo's I'm having done, but it being years since I've had one done I'm wondering how much I should be looking to pay? I know that the prices vary massively depending on the tattoo and the place, so a mere ballpark...
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    whos got vw tats heres mine for startersnot a great photo:D
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    i got unity on the other wrist. i didnt go with the wolfsburg one in the end.
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    have been looking at a few tattoo sites / bloggs today, as what with going through anti depressant withdrawals and being in a somewhat emotionally unstable state, getting a tattoo seemed a good idea:D i found this and thought it was very touching...just thought id post it up Hope is the...
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    Why I didn't think of think of posting this on here before I do not know, but if any of you could a friend out by answering the following questions it would be most appreciated, she needs it to do her dissertation: Many thanksesez!
  9. Chat/Discussion
    just had this done, it took 6/7 hours with 2 artists going at it! OWW what do you all think... lol, only posy comms please :D needs a few more finishing touch but that time will come shortly... any one else got a back piece? flames need colouring and the scull need finishing, also abit on...
  10. Chat/Discussion
    I just wondered if anyone else was planning on heading down to the convention at the end of the month? This got mentioned a few times on some of the other tat-related threads so I thought I'd start a new one specifically about it. I'm heading over on the Saturday with the other half so it'd be...
  11. Chat/Discussion
    Hiya its Mrs gdr and i am looking for some help. I am looking to get my first VW tattoo and I am planning getting 4 vans around my ankle side on a split, a bay, a split crew cab and a T25 tin top. Had a chat with my tattooist and he wants me to bring some scaled down drawings with me, but i am...
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    Can she see your daisies please?:eek::lol: Apparently she's always wanted a tattoo. News to me, I've only known her since we were 11 years old and I find out now we're 43!:rolleyes: Anyway, any pics of small daisies would be appreciated, thanks girls.:hug:
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    .... and i still dont know what to go for!!! Its going to be jap as i already have a japanese monkey on my shoulder blade but im looking for ideas and thought it wouldnt hurt to ask... I dont want over detailed work. In fact a kind of tribal style would do but i dont like big solid black...
  14. Chat/Discussion
    was thinking of getting my first and am liking this (whats white will be black and black will be my skin lol)
  15. Chat/Discussion
    Made a video this week to send to VW in Germany for their TV ad. It's of my tattoos and my vehicles (excluding stumpy as he's at a workshop waiting on welding) Doubt they'll use it but it's a cool vid. If anyone wanted anything similar made up, my mates contact details are at the start of the...
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    Just uploaded this to you tube...
  17. Chat/Discussion
    does anybody know if i can get hold of some of that tracing paper stuff tattoo artists use? i have a couple of existing tattoos and want to try placing some other designs around them to see how they will look. thanks
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    Got back from my early morning appointment with my tattooist... I've got very swollen and sore toes... :D Taken from this...
  19. Chat/Discussion
    I have been asked to supply images to help make up the new TV advert that Volkswagen are doing. The theme this time is the last 60years of Volkswagen and private owners stories relating to the car. If anybody has a good volkswagen tattoo that you would be happy to be put forward send me a photo...
  20. Chat/Discussion
    booked up lastweek to finally get a full sleeve tattoo done. i already got my daughters name on my forearm and im gonna go for the religeous look..ie. guardian angels etc up and around my full arm.... whats peoples feelings on sleeve tattoos.........:rolleyes::rolleyes: YES OR...
1-20 of 30 Results