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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Morning airheads. My 1972 camper is currently appearing on TV in a Batchelors Super Noodle TV ad. The problem is I haven't seen it and I'm appealing to all you guys to see if you 've inadvertently recorded it. It's been running all weekend but I have it on good authority that it ran in the...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    From our friends at Santa Pod . . . SMILE! YOU'RE ON TV What's that? Yep, in this new post 'Big Brother' era, we thought we should do our bit to give all of our lovely guests their five minutes of fame. Well, it's the least we can do, seeing as you bought a ticket! As with previous years...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Hopefully somebody hasn't already mentioned this, but I am noticing more and more vws in adverts on tv, a lego beetle vert in the latest santander advert, 2 beetls in an advert for VISA, a bay window in some steam cleaner advert, the list just goes on and on. I will try and get photos of these...
  4. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Grundig 20" TV - lies redundant in the spare room taking up space. Its got Nicam speakers. Come and take it off my hands for £30. It is of course in good working order, just surplus to requirements. Cheers ttk
  5. Chat/Discussion
    heads up guys (and gals) - new series starts tonight on discovery realtime at 9pm virgin channel 271...dunno which sky channel - sorry
  6. Chat/Discussion
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Fuck off, cunts. :mad:
  8. Chat/Discussion
    I'm sure most people have heard that Top Gear has had to have a budget cut. They still have a pretty mad budget per episode. But apparently... Clarkson is paid four million a year... now it wasn't many years ago the BBC had a top wack of under £300K, but given what they pay Jonathan Ross it's...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    ...seems better than Top Gear to me.
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Has anyone seen this pathetic excuse of a television programme on Living? I caught it last night while flicking through the idiot box and I must say that a worse example of car-crash TV I will ne'er see. As if having that purile bleached super-rich spunk bucket over in the UK trying take her...
  11. Chat/Discussion
    Please help me, I don't know where else to turn. This has been driving Mrs. barefoot & I mental for a while now, a short while after Twin Peaks, there was another sort of similar series, in that it was odd, but it was set in a strange near future & the characters drove retro cars. There was...
  12. Chat/Discussion
    Has the new series just started? Just turned it on and they are going over what happened in 2008
  13. Chat/Discussion
    ;) Its going to be good
  14. Chat/Discussion
    As my boys are now old enough to enjoy the delights of TV, we end up having Spongebob on most times as it's colourful and fun. Now I've never bought into the whole Spongebob hype over the years, when it's shoved in your face i generally trun the other way. But I am most definately a fan of the...
  15. Chat/Discussion
    real time+1 now :D oh thats what brian burrows looks like :)
  16. Chat/Discussion
    80's tastic
  17. Chat/Discussion
    Our big square TV appears to be on its way out... The Good Lady Wife wants a flat screen thing. I have absolutely no idea about TVs. As long as they are big enough to see the picture and I can hear whats going on, I'm not that bothered. And obviously I want to play some Wii / Xbox on it too. I...
  18. Chat/Discussion
    All the "people" who want to appear on Big Brother, Trisha, Jeremy Vyle, "my family is a disaster", "I'm a complete moron". "my wife is my sister but I'm having an affair with my mum". Were placed in a large room and then shot. A little extreme perhaps, but times are hard, the economy is in...
1-20 of 35 Results