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    If tonight your numbers came up, or that trillion air uncle you never new about left you a stack of cash. What would you have? only 3 remember, them the rules. Ok In third place The porsche 356 speedster Second Ferrari 246GT dino in red of course. Ledgend has it the...
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    I can't afford one of these So, I want to find something else interesting..... Must fit the following criteria Max budget £2k Reliable to use as a daily Nothing German - We've done Mercs (W123. W124 and W210), Don't like BMW estates and most of the VAG ones are either fugly or bland. MPG...
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    MUST be road legal. Please post a pic. For shits and giggles really on a snowing saturday night. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1979-MG-B-GT-YELLOW-/250743754841?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item3a617e1059
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    A mate of mine has got a 1978 Fiat 128 3P Berlinetta It looks a lot like this one (This is not it): Does anyone know anything about them? I've done a bit of reading and it sounds like they were the boy racers choice of their day... :lol:
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    Back in the late '50s and 60's America knew how to make a car for town 2 doors, 18 feet log, V8 and great style. No short electric vehicles for them Mad Men. Couple of my faves Dodge Custome Royale 1958 (Chrysler) Imperial 1957 What else have you got? Must be 2 doors, sharp sharp...
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    so? what car would you buy if you had £35k to buy one with? modifications are allowed to be done with that £35k, but only ONE car.. for me I'm really loving Nobles at the moment
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    Not the greatest of weather, but a nice little turnout of classics, very local and home in time for a warming Sunday lunch. Ford Capri 3.0S This Buick was so big it covered 2 different time zones. Probably One of many lovely Moggy Minor Travellers. Lovely Alvis, Coventry's finest...
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    I know the best one is a 2.7 HDi V6 'Exclusive' . . . I've been told that the transmissions are a bit iffy. Anyone know anything about them? They use them as 'executive taxis' here . . . I like their 'presence' . . . just wondered if they were/are any good? As you might imagine, my knowledge...
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    Saw one of these in a field today Looked in pretty good shape too, it didn't look like it had sat there too long, I'll pop back on the weekend and try to get some decent pics. What are they worth?
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    What an abominable phrase. It does not conjure up an image of a clean kitchen full of simmering stock pots, buzzing with dedicated chefs stirring, chopping, tasting and creating sumptuous stews, roasted racks of lamb, bubbling broths, tempting tuna and fresh tasty vegetables. It makes me...
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    I have the chance at work to buy a cheap 2004 Phaeton. Someones scratched it down both sides and on boot and bonnet so it needs paintwork. Other than that it's got fsh and in good condition. It's a 4.2 V8 so similar to the BMW 740i I just sold, so I know about fuel economy. Any experiences...
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    Currently we run two gas guzzlers, but both are keepers and have quite specific attributes and reasons for us having and keeping them. However a typical day for me at the moment is 25+ miles, all in short 3-5 mile journeys, and at 18-20mpg, it's just not funny anymore. I'm considering getting...
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    See if you can guess which VZI username the pictures below represent (and no cheating by looking at the filenames!) - it really is "say what you see": 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
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    Bostin! :) Great skills. One I did earlier!! 35years earlier Old school style
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    badly :rolleyes: :mad: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/coventry_warwickshire/8487153.stm I've already seen some "splats" of tarmac breaking up :rolleyes: fuckin useless wankbags
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    Well, God forbid you'd actually drive it... http://www.jameslist.com/advert/80288/for-sale-bugatti-veyron
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    Not the prettiest.
1-20 of 40 Results