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  1. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    WICKED SHOW BIKE.. Custom Lowrider built by my husband for himself!! Handle bars are 24inch Ape hangers. The length of the bike is 5 and 1/2 foot long. Originally it started life as a BMX to which he heavily modified... Lenghthing it (by cutting and welding another bmx frame) and...
  2. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Nintendo DSi XL. New price!! Sold
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Ok I bought a netbook for my daughter for xmas (second hand but new) Acer Aspire One A110AB Netbook Linux Lite operating system. Question is: How hard would it be to put window's os on it either xp or vista not bothered ? or Do I say sod and flog it on as is? Ta Sara
1-3 of 3 Results