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    I have a decrepit 2001 Golf MkIV SE and need to replace it; a Touran is ideal. The seats in the Golf are very comfortable, like little armchairs. I've sat in a Touran and found the front seats very unforgiving - too firm and also very constricting. Was it just that car, or are they all like...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    anyone have one? can you tell me what there like reliability wise please many thanks
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Evenin' squire :) Would you have amongst your vast car porn dungeon :p any pictures of modified VW Tourans? Google is rubbish, and you are the guv'nor :D Thanks in advance!
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Anybody got one? What are they like to live with? Thinking about getting one of the Blue Motion ones. your thoughts please:)
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Anyone had experience of both? Next family car is going to be a seven seater. Sharan would be my choice. But Tourans are coming down in price and I know my wife would be happier with the size of the Touran. Just wondering what Tourans were like for getting bikes in etc? Obviously I mean when...
1-5 of 5 Results