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    whos got vw tats heres mine for startersnot a great photo:D
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    Why I didn't think of think of posting this on here before I do not know, but if any of you could a friend out by answering the following questions it would be most appreciated, she needs it to do her dissertation: Many thanksesez!
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    just had this done, it took 6/7 hours with 2 artists going at it! OWW what do you all think... lol, only posy comms please :D needs a few more finishing touch but that time will come shortly... any one else got a back piece? flames need colouring and the scull need finishing, also abit on...
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    booked up lastweek to finally get a full sleeve tattoo done. i already got my daughters name on my forearm and im gonna go for the religeous look..ie. guardian angels etc up and around my full arm.... whats peoples feelings on sleeve tattoos.........:rolleyes::rolleyes: YES OR...
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    Mate wants to get another tat whilst she's in the uk. Place she used to go to in Redditch has closed - any recommendations? Needs to be somewhere that can fit her in in the next 2 weeks. cheers Steve
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    Frig me...that stung a bit! Further to my 'scared....eek' thread on Friday...I braved it yesterday and had my first tattoo! Ok it did smart a bit...especially the colouring in bits :eek: But overall, I braved it, gritted my teeth, gave myself white knuckles..and got told off by Dai the tattoo...
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    and be amazed ;) His girlfriend must be really impressed ;)
1-8 of 8 Results