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  1. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Triumph Firebird childs Bicycle, I believe from the late '60's early '70's, in need of restoration or just service and ride, tyres are flat, £25 start bid, collection from Gillingham Kent or by arrangement from Shard end near Birmingham, can also take to Big Bang or Stanford Hall...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    My dad used to own one before i was born? 1977 I have looked on the net but not to happy with what i found picture wise. Does anyone know anything about them. His was a 2.0L twin carb? Does that sound right. My dads not alive now so i can ask im. EDIT - I Forgot about wikipedia....
  3. Readers Rides
    It's time for my new project thread - but its not a VW! :eek: I need to start with a bit of background... Almost exactly 1 year ago I fancied something different, so sold my 1975 1303 and bought a rather neglected but excellent Dolly Sprint. After a few months of teething problems finally had...
1-3 of 3 Results