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    What a muppet :lol:, could it be one of us?
  2. Hi.

    Hello again. After a shit start to the Christmas period with the passing of my other halfs father and the after effects of dealing with tying up someones life,then the BIG fallout on here I decided to take a break from the forum over the festive period and try to catch my breath. Now I;ve...
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    3pm today. An empty Pod, for now... The grass looks in pretty good shape at Santa Pod! You can follow updates on the show's build up here: https://www.facebook.com/VWAction Or watch this space and i'll add pics as they are posted! :D CAN'T WAIT!!!!
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    I see more and more threads popping up in here about photography/cameras. Most of you will be aware of the Photography/Arts section of the forum, and possibly the 'Photo Challenge' that has been going on for a number of years now. This year a few of us regular visitors and entrants to the...
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    morning folks. bored waiting for the mrs to get ready!!! (baby scan :)) so to pass the time here we go. simple really one post one word, add any word you like and the random story grows and grows. copy n paste as we go....... :) jeremy
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    Being new to the VW, but having been on the Hot Rod and american car I can now see just how many shows there are each year. With classic english car shows too, there are what seems to sooo many. Some shows clash with others, lots of money to find to attend. Esp in the VW scene which can cross...
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    So we've had "Vanfest is Shit", "FTW" and a couple of others. What's this years preference? We Anna will be making it tomorrow. All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks :D
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    stumbled across this while on flea bay- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=120757832060&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
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    If you don't like it/him/it then don't watch/listen/go. I frigging hate celery with a passion, but you don't see me eating a couple of sticks of the wretched stuff and coming on here constantly moaning about the fact that if tastes of the skid marks in Satans pants! Just a thought......
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    Obviously VW car shows, but do you like other shows too ? I mainly collect Military stuff, but I do find the military shows can be a bit boring - rows an rows of the same stuff. VW shows that are exclusively VW could be the same too, but fortunately VW 'scene' embraces a good deal of...
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    asda do them :)
  12. Chat/Discussion
    I have just read the vanfest prices this year and for a family weekend of camping for two (not with entertainment!!!!) to see lots of other peoples buses (who have paid greedy vanfest ) and lots of traders (who have paid greedy vanfest ) only till 6 . IT IS 90 POUNDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You now...
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    Buy vanfest tickets!!!!!:eek: seen all the threads about paying to get in the marque's for the entertainment but didnt realise it was also extra to get your van in.......:rolleyes: (I'll just sit back now and wait for the re-post police to linch me:lol:)
  14. Chat/Discussion
    Has anybody heard the rumour that Slade will be playing at Vanfest? :confused: Not the original line up of course but some of them, Slade 2. Problem I have is my G/friends dad is a MASSIVE slade fan and now wants to tag along to Vanfest just to see slade :( But I cant confirm it anywhere...
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    I think someone has dumped an old car across my driveway. It's a horrid old Mk2 Golf that has clearly seen far better days, and is covered in the sort of 'Surf' stickers that are popular around here with the [email protected] Bloody thing appeared at the end of last week, parked half across my drive...
  16. Chat/Discussion
    goodday all, does anybody else think vanfest organisers have lost the plot,theres no doubt it,s a well run show,but how long before they start charging for people to use the toilets,and then charge you to walk around the site and into the exhibition halls?what about breathing?they can't...
1-18 of 78 Results