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    Just spoken to Virgin and they want to charge me £60 for a wireless router. I already have a wired service and modem, just need an additional wireless network so we can use our new iPad and phones on wifi. Any recommendations?
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    For less than I'm paying for their 20mb! :D Yesterday I was browsing their website reading about their new 50mb Broadband, I thought, I fancy some of that! It normally costs £50 a month if you just have the broadband on it's own but they have a deal up where if you have their Phone Line aswell...
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    I just want to see if anyone else has this problem or if anyone has any suggestions before I ring them up. :) I recently upgraded to the L broadband which is supposed to be up to 10mb but i'm getting about 1mb on broadband speed tests. I used to be on the 2mb package so could they have...
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    I currently have virgin broadband and phone line for £18 and sky + normal channels for £20. I'm considering moving to virgin for my tv now they have the v+ box but does anyone have any experience of using this? I love my sky + but my box is an older one so I don't get all the little cool things...
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    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7708819.stm Well the Virgin channels wasn't up to much so I guess they had to give in!
1-5 of 5 Results