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    Congratulations to our two championship winners for 2013! Jason Anslow in Sportsman, winning in his Rookie year with his Back To Basics Beetle, and Matt Attwood winning Pro with his glorious-sounding Supercharged Rover V8-powered Type 3 Fastback. Also congrats to the runners up - VWDRC...
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    I popped up to Santapod yesterday afternoon for a few hours... life gets in the way of anything longer than that. It was freezing... but the new track looked good and there was plenty of action. My photos are at www.vwbug.co.uk ... go take a look. Why not like us on Facebook? :lol: A few here -
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    Whos up for it then? Despite what the weathers doing we are beavering away to get the car ready to debut this weekend. The VWDRC will be in attendance. Cheeky teaser of the entries by Tom Herbert:
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    The Bandit Baja Drag race team. catch the highs and lows as our new story begins http://www.facebook.com/BanditBajaRacing What have i done :lol:
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    Looks like I'll be needing an engine to make this race car move forwards under it's own steam. I was going to put this off for a while but the research might as well start here, and like my other threads have hopefully done, this can be used as an info resource for others.
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    We've got an EPIC year of racing ahead of us this season in the Volkswagen Drag Racing Club. We've managed to secure LOADS of sponsors and that means LOADS OF PRIZE MONEY! Join up for a TENNER (plus track membership if you're going to race - it's all on our site) and you can be part of it all...
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    One of my missions this year as part of the 2012 committee is to try to fill in some of the blanks with the results history... I've revamped the website and I've collated the results that I have on to the history page: http://www.vwdrc.com/history as you can see, this doesn't go back far at...
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    Well that's it for this season... The AGM was on Sunday, new committee for next year (w00t I'm on it :lol: )... 2012 is gonna be a HUGE one for the club, we've got so many exciting plans, TWENTY FIVE YEARS AND STILL GOING STRONG :D I wasn't able to make it to many rounds this year, such a shame...
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    I was just wondering why I don't see more 911's drag racing. I understand that the Beetle has been so successful due to light weight, and a rear mounted engine giving superb traction off the line. Shouldn't the 911 be equally as good? And if so, given the greater scope for tuning the bigger 6...
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    Hi All, If you haven't renewed your membership, you may find you have problems getting onto the VWDRC forum. To keep up to date with crew vacancies and all the race gossip in time for Bug Jam (there's a Pro v Sportsman gamblers race on the cards!) renew your membership here...
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    So we are on to round 4 already and this one is Summer Nationals at Santa Pod :) Not going to make it down myself as i need to prepare for EBI but will be dropping off a members race car tomorrow night and picking it back up again on Sunday :) This is one of the best events of the year for the...
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    Who is off the Shakespeare County Raceway this weekend then? :) I'm not racing as I'm doing a Triathlon (just down the road in Stratford), which is lucky really, as my car is broken :( Hope the weather holds - if I can I'll jog on down after my race :eek: :lol: Entry list info here...
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    Calling all drag race fans and VW enthusiasts (which, I hope is most of you?!)!! :) Be part of the UK's leading VW drag racing club and have access to race-chat, technical help, and the latest race event info and crewing opportunities. A great way to get into motorsport - whether you want to...
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    EASTER THUNDERBALL (VWDRC ROUND) 22nd - 25th April 2011 Santa Pod Raceway, Wellingborough, Northants. NN29 7XA 01234 782828 or [email protected] www.santapod.com (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Santa Pod Raceway Presents The Auto Trader Easter Thunderball 2011. Eggsellent Fun! Santa Pod Raceway, the...
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    from a sportsman racer to pro in 12 easy seconds :D and now she`s broke it
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    ....ok only V8s. Pics taken from the time VWDRC used to match race the Pops. Oh! Happy Days
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    So that's that then! Season over... Racing finished... No more Santa Pod til Easter Thunderball :( It has been a FAB year, I've loved every second of being part of it all... Such a shame the season ended the way it did, with the rain putting paid to the chance of some VERY close nailbiting...
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    Afew of us racers have been chatting the last few nights on the tail end of another thread (link to be posted shortly) about a possible club shootout between ACE & VWDRC racers run on a bracket system, there has been a great response so far from both camps, the idea is to have some great racing...
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    Night racing at VW Action £1000 Prize fund so who wants to come to the invited night racing at VW action this year? Anyone with a Sub 15 second VW car and a sub 18 bus stick your name down here with your current times, description and a pic if you like and see who wants to come and play, see...
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    21 sleeps to go The Countdown Begins..... To all Racers... Last day for Normal entries TODAY........ First Entry list is up... VW PRO 30 Steve Parfitt 32 Phil Norman 63 Ian Dale 64 Paul Herbert 78 Dave Bridge
1-20 of 67 Results