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    ...IMO :D I have one . . . it's the ULTIMATE 'family' vehicle IMO . . . PERFECT for footie trips and the like . . . Even 'big units'. :D With 7 leather seats . . . TWO separate DVD players (with infra-red headphones that one can choose a channel) means 1 film in the rear, a different...
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    I'm fucking pissed off with it already.....stupid cuddly toys everywhere and cocking heart shit......for fucks sake twat off!* *Bitterness on behalf of single people is contained in this thread :p
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    I was wondering if any body can help! as all my friends are useless ! looking to buy or build a 10sec car but budget is £10000 or alot less lol does any body know weather this could be possible? air cooled or water cooled but has to be VW!!!!!
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    Just been lookin at security cameras for the last 2 hours:( Dad called me this mornin to tell me that somebody had tried to burn out my 73 project bug:(:mad: We keep it at the end of the lane behind our house, next to our shed, and as my dad always has somethin there we never really thought it...
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    i am leaving work at the end of this week, and as my leaving present as something for them to remember me by and my twisted humour i plan to put laxitives in peoples tea's and coffee's!! :D:lol: There is 5 toilets excluding urinals, in the buliding, and i will hopefully be putting laxitives...
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    Hi there im back :) i promise to be more funny & witty yet less rude Flashyer Youngerer & Nicer :D Quote From a Fan - dude! you make me laff, not so much the jokes but the witty quick comments make me laff.... Seriously, stay mate.:D:) Also i request a entry into the pyro school of comedy...
1-7 of 7 Results