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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Type 1 2442cc turbo race engine. Nothing but the best parts used, please see below for a full spec list. Thanks for looking. Case: Scat "killer" 4 piece with wet sump. 10 mm head studs with 2 extra 8mm per cylinder. Crank: Scat 88mm flanged. Rods: 5.7" Pauter chrome-moly Pistons: Wiseco...
  2. JG54 Cal-Look/Performance/Racing Forum
    Thanks chaps for a good get together- I am broken this morning. :lol:
  3. JG54 Cal-Look/Performance/Racing Forum
    So who's got a US built engine with a supposed "150 to 200 bhp" just want to see what it makes on my dyno. We just tested a "110bhp motor " and it only made 75bhp with automatic weather station corection. Free power run !
1-4 of 4 Results