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  1. Movers & Shakers
    Hi peeps, Is anyone prepared to put there Beetle or Camper on standby for me for a day in June? I'm happy to slip a few quid your way and some beers/ vino as reparation. My beautiful sister is getting married near Brighton on Saturday 7th June. I will be taking her and her maid of honour to...
  2. Vehicles Wanted
    As above. I've been a full time photographer specialising in weddings for around 4 years based in the Midlands. I'm offering a full day's wedding photography + Italian Leather Storybook Albums + a DVD Slideshow, a Large Canvas, and a DVD of images...A package we would normaly charge £2000 for...
  3. VZi Yellow Pages
    Ladies and Gents I am in need of help, desperately. My Sister gets married on the 3rd of Sept this year, and she would love to have a splitty for her big day. I had already lined up the use of my mates bus, but he has just sold it. Is there anyone out there that fancies earning a bit of cash...
  4. Items For Sale - AUTO
    MWS Polished Fuch I am selling a single unused MWS Polished Fuch. 5x112. Minor scuff will T-cut out, no centre cap. £60 ono http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.5329916773.10563.640871773&l=e2ec25c977
  5. VZi Yellow Pages
    Hi there, We are offering VW Splitscreen campervan wedding car hire. We currently offer Rosie our 1966 Deluxe Splitscreen campervan and will soon also be able to offer Skittle out 1971 Karmann Convertible Beetle. In the meantime here are the business details. Classic VW Splitscreen campervan...
  6. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Hi selling my trade tent, also good for weddings, garden parties etc. it's 8 x 4 metres. Heavy duty steel poles & PVC construction. Good condition Only £250 to make space in my garage. Small enough to pack in to a split when down, and put the split in when up! Comes with large retro trunk to...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Hello all, Well its been a while, feels like i've been in hibernation, but the sun has popped out (all for 10miuntes), so time to dust off lol. It was good to see a lot of freidnly faces at the Volksworld show, again an excellent show, but think its outgrown its home, it was rammed LOL. So...
  8. Movers & Shakers
    Hiya All, If this is in the wrong place, please let me know as this is one of my first ever posts. I have managed after weeks of searching to find a company that hires classic Beetles as wedding cars and have thankfully been able to book one:D, however I desperately would love a VW camper for...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Just wanted to wish them the best day ever. hope its sunny for ya! ;) Pomaika`i!!
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Well, later we are, we picked up the hire car to go to the airport in, its a nice 2009 Passat TDi estate, I cannot get the hang of the button handbrake though :lol: I reach for that handbrake that isnt there, then press the button, then remember I need to press the brake for it to work, so do...
  11. Readers Rides
    The love of my life...and my wife.:rolleyes: Sorry bout the poo quality, scanned from draft copy. I also apologise for my legs That be the best man and me drunk dad! Just thought i'd share those with ya, wont bore you with the other photos ha!
  12. VZi Yellow Pages
    Hi all, Please feel free to have a look at our website if you are getting married and would like to hire our 1969 VW Bay ragtop & New Beetle Cabriolet. We cover most parts of the North East. http://www.lovedubcars.co.uk or drop us an email with any questions [email protected]
  13. Chat/Discussion
    GOOD LUCK Mickeyhippychick and Jammee.... its their big day today!!!! (saturday) good luck to both hope it all goes smoothly :hug: me and the shmoo will be there cameras in hands ready to take snaps!! :)
1-14 of 15 Results