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  1. Announcements
    NEW T25/T3 CATALOGUE FROM VW HERITAGE VW Heritage's design and parts team have been busy putting the finishing touches to their long awaited T25/T3 catalogue, the purchasing team have been searching high and low sourcing parts from all over the world, whilst the design team have been taking...
  2. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Is the 2.1 wasserboxer the one to go for in a T3 bus? I've seen a couple of diesel variants - are these any good? I think I remember reading they were underpowered for the size of vehicle. What kind of problems are likely to arise with each? I'm not interested in vehicle specs/trim/etc, just...
  3. Items For Sale - AUTO
    UPDATED 16.11.09 Westfalia tinted glass (green tint inc: drop glass l&r, opening 1/4 l&r (no frames, rubbers inc), sliding door (sliding+flyscreen), rear 1/4 and tailgate (heated) £150, may split 1.6td radiator £40 Lower grille £10 Cab doors (x3) £30 Sliding door (lhd, needs repair to bottom...
  4. Readers Rides
    This doesn't seem to be much of a wedge loving crowd, but i think mine is pretty tidy, 83 carravelle camper check it (the green one) - pics are a bit poo cos off my camera phone. Any other non-grandpa style wedges on here?
  5. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Only removed due to that fact that im fitting a 2.8 v6 turbo. Runs well uses no oil, no water. Pulled really well. Clutch good. Head gaskets good, no leaks. Comes with all ancileries including air filter box. All you will need from your old engine is the rear hanger as i need this one for the...
  6. Readers Rides
    My busses, chickety check it out- this is my orrible old 83 bus - I wish it looked like this- but it don't. cooler than that though is the syncros- What you reckon?
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Ive wanted a last edition multivan for years now and i think the time has come, especially as they seem to be cheaper than ever. I think i want a last edition due to the electric everything and the high gloss paint etc etc but engine wise im not clued up? I dont wont a slow coach as my daily T4...
  8. Chat/Discussion
    Liking that!
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Don't know about you lot but I seem to find they being more sort after now Glad I decided to keep mine even though its cost me a bundle and not even been on the road yet
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Ive cooked mt T25 on the way home from Vanfest... thinking it was only a case of a new alternator i replaced that and now ive found out that I split the head!!! :mad: So i now have three options a) Replace the head, about 1000 smackers b) Admit defeat, sell it and get on my push bike for a...
  11. Chat/Discussion
    Looking into getting a T25 just want some ideas for what i can do with it, inside and out! the one im looking at the mo is just empty so loads of room to play with PICTURES PLEASE!:D
  12. Chat/Discussion
    Many late nights in between customers vehicles and I have a tdi powered t25:D
1-13 of 13 Results