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  1. Business Recommendations
    I'm looking for a mobile welder to do some work on my T2 Bay near Wakefield in West Yorkshire. I have a nice bug warm garage and all the tea you need so can anyone recommend someone? Harry the Bay needs a sliding door and drivers door skin replacing, a windscreen and two side rear window...
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    As titled, selling my mig welder as I just don't use it enough to warrant keeping it. Sealey 195 pro welder- ideal for heavy duty garage use, or hobby welding. Can weld very thin (last used to weld some tinplate, right up to heavy gauge material. Ideal for body work and chassis work. In good...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    I'm thinking out loud, about getting a welder. It'll solely be for Bug repairs. From what I've read MIG is good, and bigger is better. But, my budget (currently non-existent) won't allow for much more than 150 (200 tops maybe). Should I avoid welders that cheap, or can they be adequate to do...
  4. Jobs For The Boys (& Girls)
    hi i need someone around the lancashire area preferable preston to shorten my beetle floorpan this is because the beetle is being converted into a buggy. this requires the floor pan to be shortened by 14&1/2" i am located in preston, this needs to be done pretty quickly thanks
  5. Business Recommendations
    My Late bay failed his MOT on excessive corrosion in a few places. Some welding has kindly been done by my friends but there is some work left on the axles to do. So I'm looking for someone to get the rest of the work done. Ideally i want to get the van back on the road before BigBang in a...
  6. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    SOLDSOLDSOLD! I bought this, collected at dubfreeze, and haven't gotten around to using it, and need to pay for a larger one, so needs must etc.. It's a Sealey Mighty Mig 105 AMP Gas welder, runs off the small Gas bottles, I bought it off here, and was told it worked fine just rarely used...
  7. Jobs For The Boys (& Girls)
    Hey guys I'm looking for a welder around horley surrey area... i have all replacement parts, just need bulk head and both full floor pans welded in:D any help would be greatly appreciated! Darren
  8. NDA (Northern Dub Alliance)
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a welder / restorer near me (Bolton) to install a new floor in my 72 Karmann Ghia ? Cheers, Andy.
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Hey guys just got my first beetle needs a lot of work and I’m not the best welder! Could anyone help me with the welding or the details to a welder in my area? I live in Horley Surrey Thanks in advance Regards Darren
  10. VZi Yellow Pages
    I am looking for a mobile welder in the Dorset/Somerset area. Please PM if interested or know someone who would be. The welding is on a 1972 VW Beetle 1300, the work will involve various parts as the car has been sat in my garage for too many years. However I will give you a heads up, heater...
  11. Jobs For The Boys (& Girls)
    We are currently looking for someone with an interest in vw's to help out with general workshop duties in a very busy workshop in the Aldershot/Farnham area We are looking to employ someone on a full time basis to carry out welding/fabrication and all mechanical work. Applicant needs to be keen...
  12. Items Wanted - NON AUTO
    alright, so im just starting on doing up a 1973 beetle, its my first but im sure of doing more in the future. basically, i dont really know what kind of welder to use (apart from that i have an arc in the back of my shed, which basically tore apart some tryout metal... so thats out...), but also...
  13. Chat/Discussion
    Anyone know of any? I need a patch or a new sill on a corsa doing. I will post a photo later, as i am not sure what needs doing as it my first car. John
  14. Chat/Discussion
    Time for me to finally buy me a half decent welder... i need some advice on decent hardcore shit:) on a budget as always with these things and i just need a few pointers apart from the usual ebay relatedness.... Spoken to bugsymalone 666 off here who suggested a 130 amp turbomig.. what are...
  15. VZi Yellow Pages
    im looking for a mobile welder in notts/ derby area ( im based just near long eaton) to come weld a front panel for me. it needs replacing from window down. i can provide the panel, but being a broke student i dont really have the time or money to do it my self or get it sent in to an expensive...
  16. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    the old faithfully welders final given up the ghost, so need a new un anybody got any recomendations and places to buy thanks
1-16 of 16 Results