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  1. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi, I want some pop out rear windows for my '66 Beetle, anyone interested in a swap for some static ones? Cheers.
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    I have a full set of beetle glass, full length cal look door glass, rear quarter lights all of which are tinted and front and rear windscreen. I only have the glass, no rubber included. Looking for £150 for the lot, collection only from Glasgow city centre They came from early 70s beetle, not...
  3. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    LaCie USB 2.0 PCI card for sale This LaCie USB 2 PCI card adds an additional 5 (four external and one internal) high speed (Transfer rates of unto 480 Mbits/sec) USB 2.0 ports to your Apple Mac via a simple and fast installation into a spare PCI slot. This then allows you extra connectivity for...
  4. H20
    Hi, my partner has just had 2 side windows bonded into the back of his T5 panel van and, being responsible, told his insurance company, who are now unable to insure him as it is now classed as a 'modified vehicle' not a 'motor caravan' camper as there is no fixed cooker (back is empty at the...
  5. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Photo Challenge #238 - Windows. The only stipulation I'm making is that it's not to be the Windows operating system. You're not going to get away with sitting at your desk photographing your computer screen. :p Other than that, it's open to interpretation, and your choice on how and what to...
  6. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Wanted: set of windows (clear, flat glass) for VW camper. We need all windows except windscreen, drivers & passengers' doors. Will be at Volksworld on Sat 24th, or can travel 1 hr from Godalming for full set. Please get in touch with what you have, and what price you're looking for. Thanks, Pam
  7. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Professionally tinted windows (v. dark) from a '72 crossover T2 Bay. Not windscreen, passenger & driver's door, but all the rest). I want to swap these windows for traditional, clear ones to fit my van. I'm based in Godalming, Surrey, or can meet Volksworld on Sat 24th. I'd need a hand...
  8. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi All, I'm after a couple of louvered windows to finish of my 71 Bay. PM me if you have anything suitable. Thanks Rich.
  9. Chat/Discussion
    I think i have an infection, stuff has gone blue. the laptop (on vista) has taken a turn for the worse. i got the blue screen of doom on thursday or friday. i have obviously got some sort of infection but not sure why avast and windows defender didn't pick it up. i've tried to do system...
  10. Chat/Discussion
    Hey, I'm interested in buying a wizard and I've seen one available in my budget but it just needs windows, front and side. Obviously they need to be made custom so does anyone know where I can get windows tailored and fitted?
  11. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    …that is the question! :D I have two USB PCI cards with QuadraBus™ Technology (Belkin F5U006) for sale Both tested and working 100% the Belkin F5U006 Universal USB PCI card with QuadraBus™ Technology adds an additional 4 USB ports to the back of your Mac/PC. Each additional port...
  12. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    This is the Corel KPT Collection (Mac/Windows version) for sale This is the genuine, original retail boxed version of the Corel KPT Collection including the original installer CD plus serial number to allow you to install on a Mac or Windows machine (full system requirements listed below)...
  13. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    I am in the process of getting a T25 but one I have seen needs a window. Does anyone know where it might be possible to get replacement Westfalia windows for a T25? Specifically I am looking for a rear window, double glazed plastic. Many thanks, Luke PS - Please accept my apologies if this...
  14. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    Evening folks, Something's wrong with the electric windows on the girlfriend's Golf. The drivers side front window will not operate and has now sagged slightly and is therefore a bit open. The switch(es) on the drivers door no longer works for either front window. The passenger side front...
  15. Chat/Discussion
    Are they any good............... do you like them ? do they leak ? easy to open(break in to) from the outside :( ? any other comments advice, yes or no's welcome probably asking on one of the wrong weekends of the year :D We went to big bang today and going back tomorrow ;)
1-15 of 15 Results