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  1. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi out there, I've got another bug and its running twin kadrons with no choke. Will it work over the cold season? I can change it back to stock single carb setup no problem. Which way should I go? Thanks for reading, Any advice is much appreciated
  2. Chat/Discussion
    I went out in the dark to take a couple of snaps.
  3. Announcements
    Volkswagen of America, Inc. is excited to offer customers a fun and playful way to get discounts on essential winter season parts. Drivers who visit Volkswagen's "It's A VW Winter Wunderland!" website, www.VWWinterWunderland.com, can download rebates that are valid at their local participating...
  4. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Go on people... its the Season what is Winter so get out there and get your hands cold, and show me Winteryness :D RULES: * One entry per person, if you wish to change your entry please change your original post. * Photos taken for this challenge only, i.e. taken after the challenge has been...
1-5 of 5 Results