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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    VW Beetle type 1 wiper motor New and opened but not used, surplus purchase so selling at a loss, grab a bargain £75 cash Stoke
  2. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, Just had some resto work done on my 71 bay and wiper motor was working fine before it was removed. Now its back in the wiper motor is in correct but the wipers wipe down the front of the bodywork, is this a simple issue of being wired up wrong? Garage claims he has followed wiring diagram...
  3. Items For Sale - AUTO
    12v VW Split screen Wiper motor (1955 to 1965) - £130 Original VW/SWF wiper motor for split screen buses 1955 to 1965, Originally supplied as a 6v unit, the motor has been converted by fitting a brand new replacement 12v armature. The unit now runs at the correct speed and you'll no longer risk...
  4. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Has anyone got one or know where I can get one? My spindle holes are 64.5 cm apart thanks Richard 07809 462165
  5. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi all my 1965 split has no wiper mechanism or motor. I'm really struggling to find the correct set up. The van is 12V I have an early bay wiper motor (12v) Any one got any ideas? the early bay mechanism doesnt seem to fit. Do I have to do a mix and match? I'm a little desparate. Any...
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    My car started life as a 1972 1300 Beetle, with 12 fuses in the box, the wiper switch on the column, and the steering wheel with the large horn pad. This has all been changed, now it has a dash mounted wiper switch, and just the indicator switch on the column. I remember having difficulty wiring...
  7. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I have identified the problem with my wiper motor (the motor works but arms won't move) as a split plastic gear that grips the shaft that moves the arms. As a result, when the motor operates the gear won't drive the shaft. Is it possible to buy just a plastic gear (where from?) or am I into the...
  8. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    How would you guys clean this up prior to removing rust and repainting? It's very greasy and dusty from not being touched for 20 years. Warm soapy water? Petrol? Any tricks I'm missing? Also, inside wiper motor itself. Should I lube anywhere? Mr Muir tells me to replace bits inside...
  9. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hello All I am looking for a Splittie RHD 1966 Wiper Motor plus fittings. Currently running a beetle Wiper motor which flips the ash tray out. If you can help, please contact me :) Cheers :)
  10. Items For Sale - AUTO
    throttle cable, drum, wiper motor... Got a few odd beetle bits for sale postage is included... Brand new accelerator cable (won't fit my 71 bug because the bit after the wiggle is slightly too long) £5 Rear drum £15 Rear left backing plate £postage Rear hub carrier £8 Wiper motor and...
  11. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, Just finishing a resto on a RHD 72 1300 Beetle and electrics etc all work however the windscreen wipers park in the wrong place. They park properly (earth return). The wipers park on the anti clockwise rotation. The only way I could fit the blades to them would be parked in the vertical...
  12. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Looking for a complete working wiper set up for a 67 split..... also an indicator arm and a church key if anyone's got one lying around they dont need. Cheers ;)
  13. Chat/Discussion
    so in the rain the other day the wipers stopped. on inspection the 50 odd year old e-clip had given up and the armature had fallen off, a quick fix you'd think....never cant happen as i am sure you would all agree this is how it panned out... Day 1: looked up e-clips online and find i need a...
  14. Items Wanted - AUTO
    wanted to convert from 6 -12v. its the SWF one I'd like with the small spindle. if you've got a cheap 6v one i could do the swap over myself so let me know what you have. cheeeeeeeeers j
  15. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Got a weird problem on my '74 1200 bug that started a couple of days ago. I turn the single speed wipers on, they move at normal speed for a fraction of a second, then get slower and slower until they hardly moving and it seems as if they are draining the cars electrics because the headlights...
  16. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    could anyone post some pics of there wipermotor connections on a 70s bug close up pics would be great thanks in advance
  17. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I've got a motor and mech' for my 56' bug . I was expecting two wire connections + and - but the motor has 3 connections + and - (earth) and an "s" connection What is this for ?? switch ?speed? looking inside the motor box it looks like the "s" connection goes to a little solenoid with...
  18. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    I bought a new (Bosch Mexican) wiper motor from VW heritage for my 74 bay. The wires coming out of it, however, do not correspond to the ones on my old one. There is a red/black and yellow/black coming from the motor and a brown/yellow and black fixed to the top of the crank arm housing. A brown...
1-18 of 18 Results