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    Hi guys! Thought it'd be nice with the summer on its way to try and build a hot tub.. which is powered by a wood burner or something? I'm thinking a wooden slatted circular one, with 2 or 3 steel straps to hold it together etc. Had a little nose on google to try and get some ideas...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Anyone had this installed? We are looking at moving to a larger property and I am giving it some thought but would appreciate if anyone has personal experience of either of these systems.
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Anyone qualified to give advice or have experience with installating wood bruning stoves. We're in a brand new house, which i'm happy about and is very nice and i wouldn't swap it for any other by choice :) Not immediately but in the future i would like a wood burning stove, what are my...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    So, we live in a rented house, it's huge, too big at this time of year. It's detached and freezing. Now the last lot of heating oil was nicked, and being isolated and not always here, I'm loathe to fill the tank, for the scumbags to help themselves again. There is a large fireplace in our...
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    Anyone on hwere done this or know whats involved ? We have a small gas fire in the living room that just seems massivly inefficient, at our old place we had a log burner in the lounge that was pretty much free to run and put out just as much heat. Similar to this...
1-5 of 5 Results