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    On the new format they've got, how do you disable comments? I've been through all the obvious 'edit' buttons without success. Can't find sharing options anywhere? Any clues? EDIT: - Found it - Edit video, settings.....
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    songs you despise from history, never to be played or heard again, what would you choose...??? I would start with this, to me its a dreadful, dull tune that happens to be played every bloody day on radio, sure thing if you scanned your radio now, someone will be playing it!:lol:
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    So here we are again, VW Action 2011, my 9th Action i think (Beach party was my first) Work is underway for a killer set in the dance tent on the Friday night, a mixture of old skool classics, and liquid dnb, so, any requests ??? TM;)
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    Just had to share. :D My daughter was crying laughing and showed me them . . . enjoy! :lol: (More on Youtube ;))
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    link I really like the trolly one, just for all the big kids like me who still ride the trolly across the car park :lol:
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    and my personal favourite :confused::lol:
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    Good friend of mine arrested for this: http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=48697243327&h=tKnQZ&u=36jW4 Do they have no real criminals to catch?? What a bunch of utter fuckwits!
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    This should be the final result...
1-10 of 12 Results