‘67 Splitty. 11 window, walkthrough. LHD. High spec running gear. EMPI 4 Tip Monza exhaust!


Bad bit first:

It does need a bit of welding doing. Both front outriggers and jacking points, inner sills are perforated at the bottom, and the N/S/F lower bulkhead panel. I’ve done the O/S/R outrigger before finding the other areas. A few replacement panels, a welder and some time/skills will be required.

Good bits:

The front and rear running gear would be around £7k to buy new.

Rear running gear:

Rancho ProStreet Freeway Flyer (3.88 R&P, 0.82 4th) - Currently £3k (plus refundable £600 core exchange) on Coolair. upgraded with Weddle main shaft by John Walklett (63Ragtop on here) - was built for 250bhp. (at least £1k)

S.A.W race axles. (£500)

Straight axle conversion the proper way using long tubes & short castings and ISP West bearing covers, with Thing/181 drums. (£150)

Adjustable rear springplates. (£260)

ProWagen Gearbox brace. (£75)

Currently running a stock 1600TP with a 009 dizzy, and an Empi Monza 4 tip exhaust!! Good even compression and valves etc done recently.

Concept Racing Aluminium 65 litre fuel tank, with return for EFi setup. (£400)

Carter rotary fuel pump.

All aeroquip hoses and anodised fittings.

Front running gear:

4” Narrowed Creative Weedeater. (£650)

Dropped spindles and Narrowed arms. (£675 plus existing spindle to rebuild)

FutBus vented disc brakes. (£1200)

Radar alloys with nearly new tyres. (Sprinstars will be sold separately)

Hayburner steering box raise kit and brake arm - professionally fitted (Jay Parker).
Decent home built interior with R&R bed.

All colour coordinated in B&W.

Handy cupboard on the cargo door.

Floor tiles laid on 9mm marine ply.

6 pop out windows with OG catches (one catch mount has come off the frame).

All door and side windows are VW/Securit stamped.

Full curtain set (fronts not fitted).

All panels have had industrial sound deadening (had some left over at my previous job), cargo and rear floors done with lead flash band. Cab doors shut with a reassuring thunk, and not a tinny twang.

Full wiring loom fitted by previous owner.

Split charge relay and wiring for leisure battery.

Professional headlining - made and fitted by Rob the Upholsterer.

All door locks work off one key.

Scat shifter. (Berg will be sold separately)

Butty’s throttle pedal linkage kit.

Mountney steering wheel.

Blaupunkt head unit.

Full rewired loom.

TMI seat covers on OG frames.

Cab is carpeted (Newton Commercial).

Working washer bottle!

Colour coded cargo door canopy/mini awning.

The battery tray was replaced by the PO, again not a great job, but solid. O/S cab floor has been patched over. It’s not rotten by any measure.

I’ve had the van since 2009 and travelled pretty much the entire Scottish coast, Europe three times (including a 3 week, 4000 mile trip through 7 countries).

I’d always thought I’d keep the van forever, but we really need to change it for something with a bit more space for a family of 4.

A load of spares is available separately including staggered 15” SA Sprintstars, Berg shifter, Jaycee bypass oil filter/ Concept Racing cooler setup, Concept Racing breather box, VDO oil temp/pressure gauges and tacho, a pair of Dellorto FRD32s with manifolds and centre pull linkage, a pair of unused Thing/181 rear drums, standard axles, a heap of Aeroquip hose and fittings, OG interior lights. Side scoops.

No swaps or PX thanks.

Based in Seascale, West Cumbria - a long way from most places, but happy to discuss helping with transportation.