I'm selling this as they're getting harder to find so I figure it will be of use to someone...

The header is a mild steel S&S large flange 1 3/4" merged item, its done a tour of duty, it has a small hole where someone has used too long a bolt and wound it in hard but I can zap that up if the buyer would like and it also has a small screw hole where someone used a self tapped to hold the pipes together, again I can zap that up if required.

The slip joints are a bit loose so I'd recommend tack welding them in situ or clamping them to take the play out of it.

The stainless muffler has also done a tour of duty, in my opinion it ain't pretty but its functional, its been cut and rewelded on the flange with mild steel mig wire but it's strong and sits fine when on the car. It would also benefit from having a bracket welded to the box to support the weight on a bumper mount, the strap that was on it wad atrocious so I binned it.

Basically if you're no show pony and like Ricky Bobby, you just wanna go fast.... This will get the job done without breaking the bank.

£250 takes the pair.

I'm happy to post at your expense or you're welcome to collect.