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900 miles on the rebuilt engine and I broke down today!

Coming back from the workshop it started hesitating like it was out of fuel. Then it just cut out.
I coasted to a layby. And started fault finding.
I have a Huco electric pump wired through a relay. The relay has a shock activated switch in line as well as a hidden switch. So lots of connectors and components that could be the issue. The car would restart and I could hear the pump working, but after about 30 seconds it cut out again.

After a good half an hour of eliminating components and connections I worked back to the pump. I touched the pump and it was quite hot. Ah ha!

I bought 2 of these pumps, the second is on the Special back at my workshop. So I was forced to call for help. Unfortunately, as I'd coasted down to the bottom of a valley, I had no mobile reception! I had to walk to the top of the valley, about 1.5 miles before I got reception! My mood by then was a little less than joyous!
With a lift back to the workshop secured I swapped the pumps over.

Sure enough the car ran great. In fact it seemed to have more power and "perkyness " than it had before. Makes me wonder if the pump had been failing for a while.

Once I got back home I researched E10 resistant mechanical pumps. It looks like VW Heritage do one made by SSP. So I've ordered one. To hell with the electric pump!
Glad you got it sorted. I hope it wasn't raining on your long walk
981 - 981 of 981 Posts