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Ready for painting... Or almost. First sandblasting and a little warmer weather.

Have been using a lot of time test fitting, adjusting, test fitting, adjusting, test fitting, over and over again, and now finally, I am satisfied how everything fits together.... I think... Maybe... Almost...

Have to move a cutout for the front bumper bracket in one of the front wings, because I have an old and a newer wing, and the cutout sits 10 mm higher in the old one, resulting in, the bracket rubs the edge in the cutout, if the bumper sits level.

Have also fitted the hinges and the front hood in place. Fitting the hinges was a funny / frustrating experience. Now they have to come of again for painting. Looking forward fitting them after painting, without scratching the paint!

The original holes for the antenna and the door mirrors were welded over. They are now opened up again.

Don’t know if I am going to use the black plastic mirrors or buy some original ones and paint them black.

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A while ago I took the vent windows apart and discoverer... Surprise..... RUST.!
One of the frames were far gone.
I have now bought a “new” one with a rust free frame.

I will fit all new rubber and the frames is going to be media blastered and painted I 2K black paint.

Now I have to decide if the chrome part also have to be painted black for the GSR theme or if I should leave them in chrome.
The dilemma. If I get the chrome parts blastered and painted, there is no turning back!!!
and if I don´t it´s not a true GSR look.

Have to sort the dilemma out. The small part is going for sandblasting, hopefully, next week.

The rusty bit....
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Parts for reuse.
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New one.
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New and old one.
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Maybe I should just go for the Porsche slate Grey or what about a pure orange like RAL 2004 / 20B, a true seventies color, or Senegal Red 31A also an original 1303 color....

Decisions, decisions. Have to grow some hair to pull out.! :coffee::unsure:

Could be a mix between these two. Already got the ATS wheels.

Wheel Vehicle Car Tire Hood

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

For the keen eye on my latest post.
Yes I got a little carried away and bought a pair of CSP high flow tail pipes with my latest part order.
Tail Pipe High Flow CSP :: Custom & Speed Parts (CSP)

Sometime in the future I will cut open the exhaust and modify the internals for better flow and equal total pipe length.
Just for the sound of it. 😁

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Color testing.

Went down to the hardware store and bought a rattle can with RAL 2000 and one with RAL 2004.

Left RAL 2000. Right RAL 2004.

RAL 2000 is to bright yellow to my eye and 2004 seems to red / brown with a dusty shade to it.
It does not look the same in real life, as it does on the picture.

Think I will try RAL 2017 and 2005 next.

Reason for trying RAL colors. It is easier to buy cheaper paint.

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Have modified the cutout in the left wing for the bumper bracket.
Lined everything up, an now the light bowls in the wings, the front valance and the bumper brackets are all level to each other.

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Because I am low on funds I have bought some dead cheap Mexican made EMPI running boards.
They cost under 1/3 of some higher quality ones..

Out of the box they don´t fit at all!

Folds are crudely made so that the metal folds over each other at the ends. Have to be cut of.

The angel at the ends were wrong. Easy to bent in place.

They sits to high because the bent following the heater channel is made to round / soft. The doors couldn’t be opened.. Took some bashing to get right.

The holes for the mounting is in the wrong place. Easy fix with a drill bit.

They are not painted, only have got some black waxoil, and it is already coming of. Not easy to resolve because the rubber mat are clamped inside a fold along the edge so that it can not come of without messing up the outer edge. I will leave it for now and maybe only touch up the wax oil.

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It is all something that can be made to fit.
It took me two afternoons, but as I have more time than money, it is not that bad.

Now they fit and it looks OK. I have made minimum 5 mm air gap to the door bottom.

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The front wings had a habit of wandering of so that the corner where the wings meets the front quarter / valance didn’t line up.

With the fenders bolted in place, I have drilled a 8 mm hole trough the fender and the front quarter, fitted an 8 mm bolt and nut, welded the nut in place inside in the trunk and with the fenders of the car, and a 8mm bolt, a pair of washers and nut i in place in the newly drilled hole in the edge, I have welded the washers to the fenders.

I now have a tight hole to align the fender with so that they stays in place.

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Found out that the lighter orange have to be sprayed in a fairly thick layer, before the true color can be seen..

A new coat wit RAL 2000 and the color looks totally different.
Orange RAL 2000 is I real life orange like an “orange” fruit.

For now it is going to be RAL 2000 and I will leave at that and go on with some of the 10.000.000 other things I need to fix on the car.

Color is darker in real life.
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This is how my Beetle could come out. I will “maybe” also paint the bumpers in body color.
The color on the pictures of this car, look nearly exactly as RAL 2000 in real life.

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Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Here are some old orange to look at.

Car Vehicle Tire Automotive lighting Hood

If you will wait a few moths / years........
In my garage. :love:

Hey... Ship me a right and a left one please.
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Removed the paint from the deck lid and the last door.

Now it is only the roof with the original paint to take care of.

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Created some wall-art.

Motor vehicle Gas Machine Automotive lighting Car

As mentioned previously the roller in my sterringhouse is badly repaired – welded – by the PO, and because of that it is not the best one in the world.

Have now come across a spare steering house with some nice internals. It was cheep because the person who removed it from the car has damaged the housing with a big hammer.!
Strange enough the worm drive in my original one looks as it it nearly new. Maybe it is a reconditioned steering house, or at least one where the worm drive have been replaced in the past.

I used the roller from the “new” steering house and the rest from the one I already had.

Gas Wood Glove Artifact Art

Wood Seafood Metal Fish Numeric keypad

Set the endplay with a tad of free play, and will make the final adjustment in the car.

It now got a nice and smooth action.

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Degreaseing and paint, and it is ready to be fitted. I have previously bought all new steering arms, rods, top bearings for the legs and a pair of 50 mm lowering springs.

All I still needs for the front end is some shock absorbers. They are going to be CYB gas ones.

The spare sterringhouse am I going to save as most of it is serviceable. The damage to the housing can be fixed.

Wood Auto part Bicycle part Metal Gas

When I bought the car, it came with Porsche front seats. I have sold them to finance some other things, and have bought some cheap VW Golf 3 seats.
The backrest for the rear seat is missing, but it look like it would have been a nice fit. Maybe I will source another Golf back seat to get matching seats.

The Golf rear seat is actually narrower than the original Beetle one, and don´t think it will be a big job to make it fit.

The back legs on the Golf seats is sitting wider than the Beetle ones, and is way to short.

I cut the legs of and placed them in the rails on the floor. Tacked a piece of angel iron between them to hold the spacing.

Placed the seat in the car and measured how long the legs should be. I added 8,5 cm. In height to the legs.

After that it was only a welding job to finish it.

Now I only need to grind the welds a little, and paint it all matte black.

Made the longer legs out of some 1/2´ thick wall water pipe. It fits inside the original legs on the seats.
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Have fitted the other front seat.

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat cover Automotive design

Initially I were going to use Brazilian type seals for decklid and front hood, but there is an upright edge on the front hood, and it is making it impossible to fit the seal. Could cut the edge of, but think it ads a great deal of stiffness and strength to the edge.

Automotive tire Grey Wood Tints and shades Rim

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Have to do some rethinking. Maybe just glue the original seal in place.
Not to fun of the rusttrapping original seal retainers, and the one I can buy has not the correct C shape where the seal shall fit. It is more of an U bent...

Have already bought the Brazilian seals. They fit actually int the wrong U bent new seal retainers, so maybe it is also an option, placing the Brazilian seals in the retainers on the front quarters.

The decklid is no problem, has already removed the seal retainer on the new rear valance.

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Unfortunately the person who should had sand blasted my Beetle, has fallen into a deep hole of alcohol and illness, and has become notoriously unreliable.
Result. I am not going to risk leaving my parts with him, and therefore has dropped sandblasting the whole car.

Prices others want for sandblasting, I can not afford.

I have set up a system where I can sandblast myself, but it is not fit for blasting larger areas. I will use it to get into where it is difficult to to clean with wirebrush or sandpaper.

Have today ordered 5 L Mipa epoxy primer filler and hardener for it. It will give me 7,5L basecoat. Will see if it last or some more have to be ordered later.

A little history of my Beetle.

Handwriting Font Parallel Paper Rectangle

In January this year it were 10 years since it were taken of the road.

I am number four owning the car since then, and all has done some part of the renovation. Not ideal, but it is now coming to an end, and hopefully it will be back on it’s wheels sometime this summer. Maybe not finished and driving, but painted and put back together.

From the sticker on the back of the dashboard and the plates from the front valance, I have found some info on the car.

The VIN starting with 133 means it is an 1303 born in 1973.

from the sticker and the little plate the production date were week 15 day 4.

Production year 1973 runs from August 1972 to July 1973, and therefore week 15 can only be in 1973, the production date must then be:

Thursday 12 of April 1973.

Sticker says as number 20 of the day / shift, and it has been run on production line 6.

If it is Belgium or Germany it does not says, but a lot of the continental production were made in Belgium.

Time on day is written by hand as 122, can’t figure that out.

From the sticker behind the dashboard.
Model 1350 AGG 21

1 is an Type one.
3 it´s an 1303.
5 left hand drive
0 is used on various model: limousine 1303A, North American 1303, North American cabriolet and also used on type 181...
Because the sticker also says “DO” it is delivered new I Odense here in Denmark.
0 must then most probably mean 1303A.
That confirms also by it is an early type 1303 “A” with 3 bolt front struts.

AGG 21 is drivetrain.
2 is 1300cc with 44 hp.
1 is 4 speed manual gearbox.

Farbe. 171738 or just 17 on the rivet plate is Sumatra green L61B

It is an L version it should then have included an fresh air blower, but it is missing / lost along the way.

Only other option it were delivered with were 046 side flashers on the front quarters, just in front of the doors.

Last there is an line with SCHALTT 13A=L01. Don´t now what that is maybe something about the gearbox, dashboard or switcher configuration... Or... don’t know?

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Have eventually got my own sandblasting working.

Front suspention.
Wood Plumbing fixture Household hardware Art Gas

Wood Font Gas Rectangle Artifact

For now the sandblasted parts is stored dry inside the house until all the small parts are ready for painting.

Started out with 3 small air compressors working together. They gave just enough air to blast smaller parts.

The system consisted of 2 of mine own compressors a 2 Hp and a 1,5 HP. I were also given an old 2 HP one.
BUT... The one I were given broke down and mine own 2 HP one kept shutting of on overheating.

Back to square one I started to look around for a used 4 - 5 HP compressor. Unfortunately there were none to find, so I gave in and bought a new 4 HP 400 Volt Chinese one with a 50L tank.
It gives just enough air to blast without to many breaks, but I could do with a bigger air tank and sat out to find one.

Finally I found an old dead cheap broken down compressor with a 200 L tank and bought it. To my surprise there were only some minor issues with it and after fixing them, it ran perfect.
Now I got a working 5.5 HP 400 Volt compressor with a 200 L tank and it gives more than enough air to sandblast.

For now I use an cheap airgun with an extra hose sucking up sand from a bag. It works but the delivery of sand is not consistent and it is a little bit annoying.

It has let me into another project. Building a sandblaster tank. For that purpose I have bought a 25 kg gas bottle and will build a system with the sand under pressure and only one hose to the gun.
As this guy:


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I am still here, but the bug has been laying idle for some time, due to other things that had to be done.

Our daughter has moved back to town, so I had to clear the house, where I got my woodworking shop.. It was actually the living room I used for that purpose.
Before I could do that, I had to put a new roof on an old shed so that my machinery could be stored dry.
The bathroom in the spare house, we got next door, were not up to standard and before I knew about it, it was all cleared out and I had to rebuilt it ground up!
What should have been a can of paint, ended with a completely new bathroom.

Beside all that, the mood for building my bug has not been the best lately, considering how everything has been developing!

On the positive side, my children gave me a pair of KYB gas front shocks on fathers day. I now got everything for the suspension and steering and most of the reusable parts is already sandblasted, so it is only a matter of some paint, before it can be assembled.

Within a week we have a few weeks holiday coming up. When it is over, the Bug will be first priority.

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A little progress.

I have now made my “new” sandblaster out of an old gas canister and some pluming fittings.

Light Wheel Gas Tire Machine

The nozzle is made out of an old spark plug. Not easy to get the core out. It has to be heated up severely and the firs two broke in the proses.

Wood Plumbing Electrical wiring Gas Cable

The 5.5 HP 400V compressor I got for nearly free, gives enough air to sandblast nonstop.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tire Vehicle Asphalt

The left hand front wing were servilely corroded because the previous owner had taken it back to bare metal on the underside, and left it outside for years!
I have considered replacing it because I thought it will be full of pinholes after cleaning, but after sandblasting it is still solid with no warping. It still fits the car. :D
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Fluid Gas

The bodyparts will get some etch primer and for the the suspension parts I have ordered a one coat primer and paint to be used in one go.

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Some more parts has been sandblasted.

For now I have done all “most of” the small parts plus the front wings.

There is some delay in the delivery of the one-coat paint for the suspension parts, but the 1K Mipa etch primer has arrived, therefore it is all going the get a coat of that.

As I am going to paint primer outside, I am waiting for a dry not to windy day...

In the meantime the sandblasted parts is stored dry inside the house.

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Finally some paint, etch primer, going back on some of the parts.

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Build a large water separator out of an old broken 24 litter compressor..

Water Electricity Gas Cylinder Electrical wiring

The inlet pipe is extended so that the incommoding air is sprayed on the inside of the cold tank, thereby releasing the water.

Drinkware Fluid Liquid Rectangle Cylinder

It works.
Only water in the tank and no water in the regulator / separator just before the paint-gun. 😁

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I have had sleepless nights and have been pulling the hair of my bald head in despair of how I could get a decent paint job behind the air intake under the rear window!

I know most people just paint the car and gets a fair result, but my “OCD” brain could not live with, not knowing, if it turns out semi bad..

Problem is now solved.

I have removed the shelve with the brackets for the decklid.

After painting the shelve is going to be remounted with bolts on each side of the hinge brackets and the outside edge is just going to be glued in place. The outside edge can´t move because it rest on the edge under the air intake grill.

To avoid disturbance of alignment, holes for the new mounting bolts were drilled before removing the shelve.

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Automotive lighting Hood Grille Stairs Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Architecture Automotive lighting Wood

Have also primed the rest of the sandblasted parts. Some of the most pitted parts had to be sandblasted again because it were started to rust again.

41 parts has now been blasted and primed...!

I have ordered paint from somewhere else, because the first place let me down.

Hopefully I get paint next week and can start putting the finish paint on the primed parts.

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior

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And liftoff.....

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Bumper Automotive wheel system

Last time the body is separated from the pan before painting and final assembly.

Engine out.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas

Something from outer space?

Aircraft Automotive tire Rim Motor vehicle Wheel

And gearbox.
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Tread

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

Pan, engine and gearbox is going to be stored elsewhere while I clean and paint the body.

Gearbox and engine is going to be inspected before they get back into the car.
As a minimum the gearbox will get new seals and the engine will be upgraded to 1676 cc.
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