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any one got a 1303 and if so what do you think of them?
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I've got one but it's a crap example, so it's getting parted out :rolleyes: Would have been nice to drive it & see what it was like
A good one is a great car - handles better than anything else in the VW air world (except 1302) and handles and goes even better if you let someone like l.a.r.d have a go at it.


edit - and what he says below - forgotten that is exactly why I bought a 1302 many years ago - could get more camping gear in it
(fnar fnar fnar)
good car to have imho. i have one and it's a daily driver. ultra reliable, handles lovely, keeps up with most traffic even on the motorway and it has tons of storage room (can fit tent n everything for a camping weekend plus supplies for adult n 2 kids in)
cheers I got a 73 1303 and 75% done looking good cant wait to drive it
I got a 73 1303 75% done cant wait to drive it cheers
mine about 75% finished just takeing my time with it but as its my first bug im please with it cheers
i was never a fan of the curved screen, i happened to aquire one for 100 quid ( i couldnt let a beetle get scraped) my 1302 was good, but this is pukka! lowered 2" with the right sort of tyre combo, i been using it for all the long haul drives to shows this year, its comfy handles well and the storage space in the front is a god send.

they look even better with a porsche body kit :D :lol:
Now I am liking that!!!
Where are you running next season?
whats you email and i will send you some pics of mine
Great cars but very prone to rot especially framehead area.

Our 72 is pretty solid although one Ive been working on was fit for scrap
whats you email addy and i will some you some pics of mine cheers
I had a Germanlook 1303 with 7inch ats wheels on all for corners and a decent suspension set up and it handled like it was on rails. You can't beat them for cornering in the aircooled vdub world. Same go's for 1302's obviously. One day i will have another with a big type4 motor and an even better suspension set up, porsche 944T rear arms and big brembo brakes :)

Have a look at Germanlook.com there are some awesome cars on there. ;)
here,s my daily thrasher, porker 915 box 944 brakes alround, our suspension, used to have a 1911 screamer that did 14,s on the 1/4 remember its a road car! now got 2.1, 2.3 on its way for next year, cup rims blah blah............
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We have a 1303 that sailed through another MOT last week and we think they are WICKED. :coffeecup
My Misses' has a 73 1303,its in bits at the 'mo,but from what I remember the ride was much better than my 69 bug,not so bouncy.
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