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1968 Beetle Won't Idle or Stay Running

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Hello! I have a beautifully restored '68 Beetle. Ran great until I let it sit for about a year without seriously driving it due to life issues, then I wanted to start driving it again. Engine will pop and sputter, then die. Sounded like a fuel issue. Drained the tank, put new gas in. Still the same. Then got out the manual and checked the points. Re-set the gap. Actually ran a little longer, but still starts sputtering and dies. Took the carb off and checked it, bowl is working fine, getting gas, needle is functional. Now not getting any turnover. Did I blow a fuse?

Is it loading into the trailer and shop time? Suggestions?

Thank you.
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If the ignition is all good and it stalls, it's lack of fuel. Blow all the jets out, especially the idle jet.
Thank you. I will try this and get back to you.
Still won't stay running, despite blowing out the idle jet. 🤬

When I fiddle with the timing and points it will turn over for an extra minute or so, but then dies.

I'm thinking of converting to an electronic ignition with this:


What do you think? Anybody else have good results after they get rid of their pesky points?
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