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1968 Beetle Won't Idle or Stay Running

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Hello! I have a beautifully restored '68 Beetle. Ran great until I let it sit for about a year without seriously driving it due to life issues, then I wanted to start driving it again. Engine will pop and sputter, then die. Sounded like a fuel issue. Drained the tank, put new gas in. Still the same. Then got out the manual and checked the points. Re-set the gap. Actually ran a little longer, but still starts sputtering and dies. Took the carb off and checked it, bowl is working fine, getting gas, needle is functional. Now not getting any turnover. Did I blow a fuse?

Is it loading into the trailer and shop time? Suggestions?

Thank you.
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Swapping to electronic points is unlikely to cure your issues.
As above, first check the fuel solenoid shutoff valve is working. You should hear it click when the ignition is turned on & off, if not then first check the wiring to it is sound, nice tight spade connectors, no frayed wiring etc... Then if that is all good and the valve is not clicking then replace the valve.

Also check the auto-choke is working, remove the air filter and the choke flap should be closed when the engine is cold, but should be fully open after 5 mins of running.

If you then still suspect the points, buy a new set of points and a new condensor, set them up properly and don't forget to correct the ignition timing afterwards. New points and a condensor are much cheaper than the electronic replacement. If you want to go electronic, fine, but prove the fault first with the basic and much cheaper stock option and go electronic later would be my advice.

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