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1970 Bay Brake Lights Not Working

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Can anyone help me?

They just wont work :(
Its not the fuse as none of them have blown, its not the bulbs! what can it be?

I took the dash out this week put everything back together everything works fine but the brake lights! I can't see it being anything to do with me removing the dash!

what can i do to test the circuit?

any help would be great, I was meant to be going a way in it tonight!

cheers mIKe :hangloose
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Take both wires off of the switch and connect them together. Lights should come on (assuming you have the ignition on) If they do, it's your switch, if they don't it's a power/earth problem.

How far can you trace the wires through?

its the switch! well theres 2 switches isnt there? when i bypass one they come on, when i bypass the other they dont but it sparks!

how do i go about sorting it out? can the switch be repaired at all?
Sorry dude, my mate has my wireing diagrams n I cant visualise the switches off the top of my head. Maybe Moby can help ya.

thats the switch

i dont think its repairable :(

looks like my trip is cancelled
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Defo not repairable.

Take the trip, just don't use your brakes :D

The switches need replacing, they can't be repaired. I don't see why one 'sparks' though if the lights don't come on.
they seem to work now, must be this wet weather and the contacts getting mucked up! all is good, but i will check them before every journey to see if the problem reoccurs! cheers for your help guys ;)
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