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1970's task discs

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when i purchased my bug i found some 1970's task discs in the glove box complete with original task disc holder all in brilliant condition

i just wondered they would be worth anything
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Not in the financial sense, no. But historically very nice for the owner ;)
i suppose they would be a nice thing to keep and sell on with the vehicle in the future
Pyro said:
What sort of tasks?
I think they mean tacks! :crazy: :incheek:
No Name said:
I think they mean tacks! :crazy: :incheek:
I don't like tax! :rolleyes: :incheek:
Beaulieu motor museum do repro old tax discs for £25 each.
i did mean tax i am such a clown
Keep them, it's a real shame if you separate the history from the car IMHO.
chris_beetle69 said:
i just wondered they would be worth anything
They'll be worth more if kept with your car. They add a history to the car. May not make the tax discs more valuable, but may make the car a little more desirable in the future.
If you have old tax discs, old reciepts, etc, keep them in a folder somewhere with all the car's documents, and add any new reciepts in there too. :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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