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i have listed my camper here on ebay, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI....E:IT&ih=016 but thought that yo guys might like to have a butchers as well.

description as follows:

1978 VW Camper Type 2

Due to recent personal circumstances I am having to sell my camper.

This is unrestored and in pretty much an unrestored state. It has had some work carried out to it in the past, including some welding to the underside, but not that much really, so no hidden disasters waiting to happen, what you see is exactly what you get, ripe for you to make it how you want it.

The interior is original, being a devon moonraker conversion. it is missing some units, these being the rear overhead locker, and the buddy seat. its not in bad shape, though there is cracking and chipping to the units, as well as some of the unit hadles being broken. the rear lift up lid on the unit is also replaced with an MDF one, so that would need replacing. the headlining is also missing. the bunks are there and are in good condition. the pop top is excellent, no rips or tears to worry about and has no leaks.

the cab area is also in great shape, no rips or tears to the front seats and the dash area is also good, complete with a cd head unit.

the body does need some work, but not a great deal for someone who knows what they are doing. as it is all original you will not have any nasty surprises. the front whel arches are both in great shape, though there will need to be a small repair to the offside arch where it meets the front panel. the rear ones are also in good shape, only one patch repair need to the rear near side panel just above the arch itself, though the offside lower panel in front of the rear wheel arch will need replacing or repair as it has ben dented in and not well repaired in the past. the front panel is also in good shape, the lower seams etc in good order, the only area there for repair is a small hole that has gone through on the swage line just below the windscreen, though the rest of this area is great. the rear panel below the engine lid has rusted and will need repair or replacement. the rear corners are not too bad, though they will need work, but not replacement in my opinion as there is enough good metal around them to repair.

the sliding door is good except for around he window where it has rusted, though should be repairable. the passenger front door is pretty sound but the drivers door will need repair or replacement as it has rusted at the bottom. the rear tailgate is in good condition as is the engine lid. one key fits all on this bus.

the underside is good, being solid and haing the false bottom fitted. there will be a need to repair or replace one of the jacking points and a small amount of welding to the front offside inner wheel arch where the jacking point meets, this is where the outlet for the sink comes out so would expect some rust. the two side panels which go below the two rear windows, whci cover the sliding door track on the near side are rusted so i have two good solid replacements for these, but the rust has spread slightly to under the rear windows which will also need looking at.

the van is fitted with a super strong 2 litre type 4 engine. this pulls incredibly well and has just covered the 100,000 mile mark. it has a small oil leak around the pushrod tubes, but try and find one that hasn't! it has new heat exchangers and empi exhaust fitted last summer, which keeps the inside of the bus nice and toasty.

the tyres are all in great shape and have thousands of miles left in them, as are the brakes front and back.

all in all this is one reliable, original bus that just needs someone to get it now and get it all sorted. if you are like me then this will appeal more than a restored one with shiney paint, at least you know what you are getting for your money.

i have owned this bus for around a year now and have been doing 400 miles a week in it, and it has never let me down. i put it through its mot last year and it flew through, only having an advisort for the small amount of welding that i have already mentioned.

in the summer i decided that i was going to get it all sorted so i began to strip down the body ready for the work, but a mixture of personal circumstances and work commitments meant that i could not committ so i put it all back together again, covering the rubbed back paint work in grey primer and some panels in beige paint.this means it probably looks a bit rough for some of you, but it really is pretty good. a little bit of time and money spent on this bus and you will have a lovely pretty original example.

please please please view this before you bid, they are quite unique and i would hate for you to bid and then be dissappointed or the bus not be as you had hoped. take it out for a drive by all means and get a feel for it.

the van can be viewed at my work, which is at DCAE Cosford, near to Albrighton, Wolverhampton, just drop me an email t make arrangements. i will happily answer all and any questions.

cheers guys, my email is [email protected] if you want to get hold of me.
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