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Hello from the hills of Northwest Arkansas.
I have a friend that has a 1979 VW Beetle they have had for many years. It sits in their barn covered mostly but is on a battery tender and driven a few miles monthly.
I will be taking pictures of it later today and getting the details on it so I can ask a few questions. The car is in very good condition and 100% original. It has less than 5000 actual miles. Yellow with black convertible top.

They have asked me to sell it for them but I am pretty VW ignorant. I am looking for information or direction to get a real value. Any help would be appreciated.
I will update this post with pictures and more info as soon as I can. I am not a scammer or have no illicit intent just seeking help!
Any questions ask here or message me nd I will give my phone number to discuss the car offline.

Rick Scott
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