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1043cc Pierburg Carb (autochoke works nicely!), 5 speed gearbox

10 months T&T.
Chequered boot lid (White vinyl on matt black).
PhilJ 70/60 lowering kit (springs and shocks).
New front N/S wheel bearing, N/S outer CV boot and rebuilt CV joint, top mounts, discs, pads.
Red and black bucket seats, and coupe S matching rear seats (need modifying slightly to fit).
New rear wheel bearings/brake shoes 18 months ago.
Slightly creased O/S wing but I have a replacement (needs painting).
Coupe S front grill / standard one included.
Coupe S steering wheel / Clocks (rev counter).
Front lower brace bar.
Fairly good paintwork for age (usual slightly rusty front panel/corners of windscreen, nothing a wire brush and spray can couldnt sort).
Usual car park dents (could be pulled out easily).
Has had a rear bump at some point but no creases and was repaired well!
Mileage is unknown as the old mileometer stopped, estimated at 100,000 though (doesnt matter really as everything has been replaced!).
Leaks a bit of oil, though not majorly.

Insurance is unbelievably cheap.

Will also include 5 5x13 Fondmetal alloys.

£650, including:

Bucket Seats + matching rears
Standard Seats
Standard steering wheel / clocks
Fondmetal Alloys

Reply here or PM / email me :)
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