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1992 VW Corrado 2.0 16v, £1000 Milton Keynes

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(copied from my retrorides advert)

Model: VW Corrado 2.0 16v

Year: 1992

Mileage: 174,357 (block, head around 88k)

Tax: N/A

MOT: 12 Months

Location: Milton Keynes

Price: £1000

Contact details: 07845370986

So I am selling my much loved Corrado 2.0 16v as which I have owned since 2009. I bought her as a non-runner where she was blowing across 2 cylinders with a suspect failed HG. She came with a second valver with a good low mileage engine (86k) and a supposedly good head. A few weeks later I swapped the head over, carried out some other works and got her back on the road after she'd been unloved for around 2 years by her former owner. In all the time she was on the road she never missed a beat until 2011, 2 weeks after a new mot, the replacement head went so off the road she came. Whilst getting the head skimmed and repaired (I have all the receipts to prove) I saw a VR6 for sale which I just couldn't pass up so a lot of money and a trip to Mansfield and I had myself my 2nd Corrado. Unfortunately this meant that the 16v never went back on the road after the head had been repaired.

It has now been nearly 2 years and I have just bought myself a project beetle which is taking up all my time and all my funds. Regrettably I am forced to sell the valver as I cannot afford to run 3 cars let alone find space to store them all. She has a new mot (with no advisories) however she is uninsured and not taxed.

All electrics work, including the spoiler which raises and lowers at the correct speeds, all windows open and close on the remote central locking (and with the key in the lock). The ABS is fully functional and the sunroof slides and tilts without and problems (again closes completely on the central locking).

The paint is showing its age, she is 21 years old and has a few rust patches. The worst part is where someone keyed the car on the passengers door and the previous owner tried painting over it however the lacquer has now cracked and could do with touching up. Mechanically the car is sound. If she doesn't sell and I get the chance I might try and tidy up the door. I've been as honest as I can but its worth coming and checking out the car as its only the paintwork that lets her down

The car comes with the 6 spoke wheels as shown on the pictures below not the BBS' on the photobucket album. The BBS's in the album are for sale separately or can come with the car for an additional £200

Unfortunately there was only the service book that came with the car so I have started my own, there are also some spares including a set of hydraulic tappets (she's a bit noisy, alternator, and whatever else I might find in the garage!

She comes on standard suspension but is fitted with a Momo steering wheel, KR inlet and exhaust cams, a Supersprint stainless steel exhaust, uprated headlights, Kenwood front speakers and tweeters, Alpine 6 x 9's in the parcel shelf (already cut when I got her), I have retrofitted heated seat pads into the front seats and I was using old rocker switches from a mini but these can be swapped around. There is a Hawk 280 alarm and immobiliser with also a 2 stage Selca I'm 3.22 immobiliser on a push fob (fuel and electric cut off, comes with 2 keys; the master and the standard fob). There are 2 alarm fobs, I do have a brand new second key however I never got around to getting it cut.

Please see pictures below or there are more on my photobucket account (including some when I first got her). I am looking for around £1000 or WHY...

The dodge in the pictures is not for sale :p.

Viewings are welcome in Milton Keynes, the car can be heard and seen running and if you're insured we can go out for a spin.

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