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Vw Polo 1.3 ìGenesisî Coupe 5 speed manual in white.

She was first registered in January 1993 and was delivered to a Reverend by a Volkswagen dealer in Wolverhampton.

She was kept in a godly manner until 1995 when the next owner took possession and at that time was showing around 15,000 miles.

The next owner looked after her for 9 years until March 2004 when she was sold again now having done just over 90,000 miles.

I bought her as a run around from this third owner - an old gent - in March this year.

She has a comprehensive history and is shown as serviced by Volkswagen until 2003.

I have bills totalling £900 spent on her since 2003 by the third owner at a local garage. The most recent of which for the last mot was to fit 2 new shock absorbers - £223.18p.

She has tax until the end of August 2007.

She has a mot valid until March 18th 2008.

She has 4 good tyres which are 155/70/13 size - 2 x Avons on the front and a Michelin and Pirelli on the rear.

The mileage is 115,477 - verified by the history as genuine.

Although she comes with a full Vw wallet of history and documents for some reason the actual owners handbook is missing and a Ford Escorts reside there! I have obtained a nearly new ìHaynesî manual which will come with the car.

I have done a few things to her -

(I) To modernise the appearance I have fitted some front clear lenses and side repeaters.

(ii) I have installed a Pioneer radio/Cd player and a set of Kenwood large speakers in the rear shelf.

The stereo and speakers will be removed from the car at the end of the auction unless the buyer wishes to buy them separately at a cost of £80 in which case they can stay. I would like an email at the end of the auction as to whether you want them so that I have time to take them out.

She has a set of original Vw front rubber mats fitted.

She drives very well and has the single point fuel injected 1.3 engine which returns 40mpg. She has a five speed gearbox which performs well with no graunching between gears. The clutch and brakes operate correctly and I cannot find any faults with the car mechanically at all.

The interior is immaculate and Iím not sure anyone has ever even been in the back of this car.

Being a ìGenesisî model she has the driving instruments the same as a ìGTî model and so has a rev counter and digital clock. Also a rear spoiler is fitted above the rear window. There are 2 full sized belts and a lap belt in the back.

After all of the above good points I have gone over her with a fine toothed comb and found some bad points mainly to avoid people turning up at the end moaning about things not mentioned -

(i) There are several dents and dings on the car mostly minor ones in keeping with the age and what you would expect the worst 2 of which Iíve photographed - front wing and rear tailgate. Probably as a result of being driven by old duffers. (Not including me!)

(ii) The rear box of the exhaust is held on by a bit of wire and could do with re-hanging with a correct rubber mount - that said it is secure and safe so will be Ok. (Only found this out today when I looked underneath)

(iii) One of the wheel trims does not match the others.

(iv) A piece of trim is missing from the passenger door.

(v) Some areas of the paint are a little flat - mainly the roof. I have tested an area with a rubbing compound and it came up as shiny as the rest of the car so this is all thatís needed.

All in all a friendly nippy economical car with loads of Mot and a little tax so can be driven straight away.

Tax is the cheaper rating at £60 for 6 months or £110 for a year. Insurance is also very friendly as itís a low grouped car.

I have a genuine reason for selling and otherwise would have probably kept this car for quite some time as it really drives well.

I will take £600 or a near offer for a quick sale but car is also on ebay with No reserve. Anyone fancy it call me on 07792194233.

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