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2 pack paint

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Sorry for being dim, does 2 pack go off or dry out if painted on without activator, hardener or whatever its called.

I've just done a little sample card to send off to get some vinyl matched to but have no stuff to mix with the paint.

Thanks for advice
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in my experiences, it flakes like buggerry if you dont add the hardener.
:bandit: it will probally stay soft ,the hardner cause a chemical reaction that makes the paint hard (dry)
The hardner causes a heat reaction that cures the paint.

Yes it will dry eventually (the runs down the side of my tins proves that, but it will take forever, and never be hard or any use on a car.
Thats fine then as its only for a sample to go in the post

Ta stodge
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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