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2 wireless router questions

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1. How can I make mine secure?

2. What can people access when you have one thats not secured?

Thanks guys
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1. Set a WEP key (password, basically)

2. Everything on tinterweb, pretty much, and (depending on your config) possibly your machine.
Use mac filters so only specified mac addresses can use the router.
Thanks guys! Shame I have no idea what you are both on about :(

Any useful links for a dumb Northerner?
Read the instructions that came with the router to set up WEP or WPA security. You will need to be hardwired to the router to set this up initially.

Or set the router to only allow connection from your mac address - this is the unique hardware address you wireless network card has. A bit like a cars reg number - where a car park would only allow someone with a specific reg number to enter the car park.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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