Multi award winning 300+bhp Turbo, 5 speed, ragtop 1963 Beetle.

This car was originally built and owned by Marco Mansi for many years. Marco is the main man when it comes to performance waterboxer engines – just google his name or look up Mansi Speed, his company over in the US.
I bought the car in 2016 after it had been dry stored in a barn for about 9 years or so after Marco emigrated. I had a lot of work done by RNJ Motorsports to recommission it, and over the years I have been through every single inch of this thing!
When it was last on a dyno at ADE Tuning in Blackburn it made 300bhp and 260lb/ft torque, but that was with a slipping clutch and no boost controller. I haven’t been back to the rollers but I would expect 350 to 400bhp with the boost turned up. For now though, 300bhp in a Beetle is enough for now!
It won best Cal Look at BugJam in 2018 and a few best in shows at local car shows

The Spec:

1900DG Waterboxer (I think it’s actually 1915cc)
40x35 heads port and polished
H-beam rods 3/8 bolt with 24mm small end
8-1 comp
Scat dual springs
1.3 rockers
Webcam 86b camshaft
Scat lifters
Case bushed for T1 lifters
200mm forged flywheel
Stage 3 kennedy clutch pressure plate
Daikin Super clutch disc
1000cc ASNU injectors
Hx35 turbo with Funk Motorsports turbo blanket
Stainless header
Water to air charger cooler with Bosch pump and Mishimoto radiator
V3 Megasquirt ECU
Cosworth throttle body
External oil cooler
Direnza alloy Golf GTi radiator with Mishimoto fan
Stainless braided lines with AN fittings throughout, all by Torques UK
LD Performance electronic boost controller with 3 port MAC valve
Innovate wideband controller
Custom exhaust with V bands for easy removal
Custom alloy fuel cell
Bosch 044 fuel pump

UN1 Renault 21turbo
Flipped 3.44 R&P
T2 bellhousing
T2 to un1 adaptor plate
Modified Toyota MR2 shifter with custom cables and linkage
944 axels
T1 input shaft

Front 4in narrowed linkpin beam with adjusters
Limebug quick steer kit
2in dropped spindles
Stock shocks
Porsche 996 vented front discs
Porsche 996 4pot front calipers
Rear 944 irs arms and spring plates
Boxster vented rear discs
944 rear calipers
Compbrake Motorsports hydraulic handbrake/staging brake with switch to activate 2 step launch control
AVO adjustable shocks with 600lb springs
No frame forks
Suspension and drivetrain mounted from above direct to cage
Late dual master cylinder
Porsche teledials – 6x15 fronts and 7x15 rears

2 Cobra Monaco bucket seats with TRS Harnesses (3 point passenger, 6 point driver) – seats are a bit tired looking. If I was keeping the car, they’d be the next thing on the list to be replaced
Black carpet
Full standard dash
150mph Porsche Speedo
AutoMeter 5inch tach ,shift light and boost gauge
LD Performance race dash with GPS Speedo (fully customisable)
Custom made aluminium interior panelling
Multipoint roll cage tagged to 10 seconds
Grey roof lining
One piece electric windows
Custom pop-out rear quarters
Cal-Look rubbers

Stock steel body with a small cutout in the front apron for cooling – given the front to rear coolant pipes, the alloy radiator and the very efficient electric fan there is no need for any big holes to be cut anywhere.
Britax ragtop sunroof
LED turn signals hidden behind the horn grills
Decklid standoffs – the decklid will close fully but I like the appearance of the standoffs and they do allow more air to feed into that big turbo
Grey paintwork is a few years old now and is showing a couple of little scratches and marks. I don’t know exactly what the colour code is.
No car is 100% rust free, and certainly not one that’s almost 60 years old, but this is very, very solid

The car’s PB was 10.80 seconds over the 1/4 mile at 131mph.
On road tyres with a slipping clutch and poor traction, the best I’ve managed is a 13. I’m confident that now the clutch is sorted, a pair of slicks would see at least low 12s. Turn the boost up and who knows what times it will run!

The Price:
I have put a lot of blood sweat and money into this thing. I honestly don’t know how much because I stopped keeping track of what I was spending when it reached £30k
If you break it down, it wouldn’t be possible to build a car like this from scratch for under £60k, I think.

I don’t really know what it’s worth because it’s unique but I’ll start by asking for offers around £20,000.
It’s located in Manchester – I can arrange transport if you need it. It’ll also be in the show and shine at Tatton Park on 7th August if you want to have a look at it there

Thanks for looking – now for some pics…