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Hi guys and gals,


For sale is my 69 1300 beetle. Tax exempt but unfortunately not MOT exempt as requires some welding and other bits to get it through and i don't have the time or space to sort it, so it's gotta go! :(

I've owned the car for about 3 years now after getting it off here and i've used it as my daily ever since. Unfortunately some scums smashed the rear window in January (to steal my sports bag?) and the MOT expired and due to having limited time and space it's been off the road since. The window was replaced soon after but i've not been able to get it to an MOTable state so it's up for sale before it gets any worse!

I put a brand new Mexican 1600 engine in about 2 and a half years ago including new generator, coil, fuel pump etc which is solid as you'd expect, along with elertronic ignition and more recently a pair of Weber 40 IDF carbs, which i had a local VW mechanic fit. The engine runs ok but the engine will need to be dropped or access panels cut if you want to get the carbs setup properly as it's too tight a fit to get to the mixture screws etc on the sides to set them up perfectly. The engine does idle and it's drivable, but you need to get the revs up before pulling away or it'll stutter. It also has J tubes but a couple of the exhaust studs have snapped. I have new studs so the old ones just need drilling out and the new ones put in. It has passed MOT with the snapped ones in the past but not recommended.

The front suspension is a Rayvern hydraulic kit which was fitted by the previous owner and i was told comes with a lifetime warrenty but i have no papers to support this. There's a extra battery under the rear seat to help power it. I've never had any problems with it. The rear suppension has dropped spindles.

Interior has a couple of nice leather seats although the drivers has a couple of tears, sunpro rev counter and a decent Kenwood CD player with a couple of Infinity 6x9s in a custom made parcel shelf, sounds good. I've removed all the carpets on the hunt for rust and the floors are solid. I have some new carpet cuts i was gonna make some new carpet bits out of which i'll include if you want them.

Also have various other spares in my mums garage i'll include.

Welding that needs doing is the sills on both sides are completly rotten and need cutting out and new ones welding in, as you can see

There is also a small hole in the floor under the rear seat that needs patching up

And various cosmetic bits that needs a tidy

I have a pair of good rear gutters for the car as they are completely shot as you can see ^

I'm looking for £1500 £1300 ono for the car which is half what i paid for it and is roughly what i've spent on the engine alone! But i have to try to be as realistic as possible even though it may hurt the wallet!

This was him in his prime:

It would go lower but the ground gets in the way :cool:

And this is him now:

All the pics are here http://s1218.photobucket.com/albums/dd403/Tysoe/

Sure there's stuff i've missed out but i'll update when it comes to me!

Views are welcomed and recommended, i've tried to be as honest as i can and i can take any other pics you like so just ask.
Car is located in Bedford.

Mobile 07814 759169

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Needs to go so will be on Egay this week with a starting price of my highest offer to date which is £800. Someone's gonna get a real bargain as i could split it and get way over that but would like to keep it in one piece if possible.

Any offers over £800 welcome.

I've been VERY honest with this advert (perhaps 'too' honest). What you see is what you get, no extra nastys to find here.

I'll post the link up when it's on there.


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if you decide to break
i might have the windscreen visor
pm if you do want to sell it might be interested
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